Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Kiss - Penny Black

Wow I looooooooooove this stamp!  Its really pretty and its been my challenge this season because I am not used to colouring stamps this large!!!  Gasp - turns out all those Copic lessons are true, you DO need to know how to blend, lol.

But I did pretty good because instead of trying to be what I am not {a copic/marker colourist extroidinare} - I did what I do-do best and that is just wing it!  Hee hee!  And I heard about 'frantage' so I now have another new interest - that is what is great this year, I actually have been learning or rather exploring new things - yeah for me!

SO enough chat - here is the stamp above:

AND here are my efforts -

I really enjoyed being set loose with the embellishments!

I painted this green one using watercolour pencils after I stamped and embossed the image with White Embossing Powder.  So it looks wildly bright - but I went with the whimsical nature of it all and I think its rather "artsy"! 

Well, I enjoyed this stamp so much - now I am waiting for PB "Holly Fairy" to arrive! I've been checking my mail every day, lol!  


Penny Black - Christmas Kiss

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a Christmas Card for Great Guys!

Good Morning Crafters!

Another snow-less December day in our parts - which is good for me as I've been hanging the outdoor lights on our front entrance and today I need to put up a swag as well - lots of fun!

Meanwhile I am keeping my thoughts to cards that need to be mailed away!  No sense making great hand-made cards trouble and then missing the important Due Dates - so sorry I am not posting as much because I am simply busy-busy!

But this card is for a good guy!    'Andy'  kindly went through some trouble while I stayed at his home visiting his mom, and making him a card was fairly easy when you think of 'natural' materials {nice flecked & off-white cardstock for starters}...and I think its fair to say that wildlife is a popular choice!!!

I love this deer - plus its one of my first sets of stamps, long ago from FLOURISHES  c 2007!  Goodness even the name of the set is FLOURISHED CHRISTMAS,  and at the time, the scroll/flourished antlers was a pretty new trend! If you haven't visited Flourishes - you must!

Here I stamped the image on the natural cardstock - then once again, I stamped the antlers on the blue cardstock before mounting the cut-out deer  above with dimensionals.

AND I used another old trick - metal-rimmed tags!  Yes - I brought out my Memory Maker Tag Maker - anyone else have it???  Always fun!   To speed it up, I used a rub-on sentiment to complete the tag and a masculine touch of suede cording!

NOTE - when mailing cards, the metal could possibly mean the card is 'hand-sorted' - possibly slowing down the delivery process, so be aware of that.

Try doodling your own design on the edges - remember that's more of old school techniques ....boy when I think of it, I certainly re-visited a lot of stuff for making this card, lol!  Good with me!!!! If it works - why not!

Over-all I think its pretty. If pretty applies to a 'great guy' card!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Here is one of the items which sold out fast at the craft fair I participated in Nov 10 [see earlier post].
I was told by my friend Maria, a fab crafter in her own right, to do these but I didn't really think I needed to make that many - boy was I wrong!

The nice thing is you can put these on WINE or WATER BOTTLES, and I think on any present which they could slip on to....maybe bubble bath bottle. right? 

They are super easy to make - I used the following:

Stampin' Up! Punches
 2.5 inch Circle Punch
1. 3/4 inch Circle Punch
Holiday Stocking Punch 
Scallop Border Punch
Corner Punch or Small Circle Punch
Small Oval Punch {optional}

Cardstock in minimum of 2 colours for tag
Cardstock scraps for stockings  
Glitter Cardstock for accents  {optional}
To: and From: rubberstamps {optional}

[using cardstock of choice] 
1)  Punch a 1. 3/4 inch Circle from cardstock 
2)  Position 2.5 inch Circle Punch around the negative circle space
created from step 1, and punch. You should now have a cardstock "ring". 
This is the ring that will be at the top of the tag. 
3) Create a  rectangle from cardstock - about 3 x 5 inches. 
4)  Place the 1-3/4 Circle Punch in half-way of the top edge, punch.
5) Glue your ' RING' to the top - matching the circle inside edge to 
the newly created half-circle top edge of tag. 
Trim the cardstock from  outside the ring using a Corner Punch to create corners at top.
This helps to create the top of the tag's neck.
6) At this point, I lightly score a line across the top of the tag, on either side of the ring - just so it bends a little when draped over a bottle neck.

7) Decorate the base of your tag! 
I used the Holiday Stocking Punch from Stampin' Up! (2011 Holiday Mini) 
and created all sorts of stocking pairs - which parts I mixed up in a
pleasing fashion.  If I add a mix of glitter or shine or velvet cardstock - it really 
makes those stockings pop!
8) Trim the length of your tag if you need to, and add a nice border accent
near the bottom. I often used the Scallop Border Punch for this, but I also
used just strips of scrap cardstock.

Emboss the cardstock for the Tag base,
Sponge ink over edges, 
Sprinkle glitter over tag as accent,
Add embellishments: buttons, brads, ribbon, etc. 

8) I added two small oval tags {used Small Oval Punch} in vanilla cardstock, and stamped
To: on one oval, and From: on the other oval.  Tied them loosely together with baker's twine, and 
glued them to the back.  You can decorate the back of the tag more but its most likely not needed.

This sounds more than it really takes to make these - you can get in the swing of things and 
make several of these in a session! Get some cocoa and brownies together with friends or family and have a yummy TAG-MAKING TIME! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Just wanted to share a contest from Gaylea and their partners in which YOU 
could win a KitchenAid Grand Prize {beautiful range, fridge and dishwasher - sweet!} and many other opportunities to win one of their fab stand mixers!  I have one, but I am hoping for the Grand Prize because boy, could I use some new lovely appliances!

Here is the link:

HURRY!  Contest Deadline: DEC 13th

gOOd LucK !

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hey hey crafters!

I am busy today making more projects for my part in the West Rouge Holiday Artisan Sale this coming Nov 10th.  i am really looking forward to setting up my table, bringing my lovely daughter....wish I could bring Pepper {my adorable pooch}....maybe I can sneak him in - in a large Christmas Stocking, hmmmm.....

I love christmas fairs - they are so homey and it feels great to be doing a shared event with others from your community as well as visitors from elsewhere!  

If you're looking for hand-made gifts and stocking stuffers....and holiday cards, tags....come on down SATURDAY Nov 10th!  

Location = 270 Rouge Hills Drive in the West Rouge Community Centre.
{east end before Pickering}
Directions:  drive to Port Union Road and enter through Lawrence Ave East or Island Road which both lead to Rouge Hills Drive. 

The West Rouge Community Center is in a very unique-looking building and its a really great place, so come and join us!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Martha Stewart Snowflake Punch All Over the Page and YNS

Hi Crafters!

Here I am getting a start on Christmas projects!  One of my chosen themes to run with this year is the snowflake as I love them!  Pure and white, they add a touch of the true holiday spirit in my opinion. I am positively dripping in them around our home - crystal snowflakes are on the swags, on the tree, even my jewellery! 
So I started by buying Martha Stewarts Punch All Over The Page " Scallop Snowflake " and here is two of my projects using it!  Its my first 'all over the page' [is there a shorter name for this? lol!] ...and once you get the hang of it, it can go pretty fast.  But I won't even say what happened to me the first time using it - but it cracked everyone up who saw it!!!

My first card is also using some of my other more recent buys - YNS's  Tall Globe Stamp & Die Set and Ellie Loves to Skate Stamp.  On top is a border die from designer Donna Salazar for Spellbinders. It is called Creative Pages Two. The border die is interesting because it has holes to enable you to hang crystals, or charms - something I will like to try soon! 

But you can see the snowflake background works on its own in a very simple fashion!  I also plan to make a luminary with this punch, so come back to visit! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi everyone!

I am still enjoying a laid-back crafting season while focusing on my home. We moved into a new place and started re-decorating in a new style - well, blending old elements with new elements is more like it, and editing out more possessions. Terribly hard at this stage because everything still holds possibilities doesn't it - to an ol' recycler like myself!  Saturday is the rummage sale where we donated a massive amount of our belongings in July and I have been making a new pile to give them tomorrow. So tonight is all about digging through things and being tough [meanwhile I found the most amazing ceramic lamps discarded....I am going to do something awesome with them I know it!]...but we'll see how well I've done in awhile, only time will tell!

Since Christmas is on my mind.....[I know Halloween hasn't happened, but you know we really start planning with Christmas, really we do!...:)]

So to the point of this post!  I am spiraling around on the internet - as I start with one interest [christmas rubber stamps] and somehow it leads to all sorts of interesting pages on different topics!  One such deviation led to searching about wreaths.....when I found a comment about the poinsettia! More specifically about CARRIBEAN POINSETTIAS.

Turns out, we Northerners have no real idea about the potential of poinsettias since we normally seem satisfied with the potted variety and then we discard them, or you see half-hearted attempts to let them grow on....lost on a window shelf somewhere. Nothing exciting at all!

But look at this picture!  The plant can grow into a bush like this....looks like a tree to me!  Isn't it fab!
Sort of looks like a Dr. Seuss tree doesn't it?

I quess I've just clued in to what many people down South know very well - that this is an awesome plant!   Respect! Lol :)

And of course - this is typical of what we would do with it....!
 Anyways, back to my digs!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BOO! Make an easy Halloween Card!

Hey Everyone - I am finally back in crafting action!  Actually I have been getting up in the wee early mornings and doing small things in transition to fall such as making my fall floral arrangements, putting away the summer dishes, digging up the seasonal clothes....you know....but I have also been making the odd craft project with all sorts of things!  First off I have been having fun shopping!!!  I am finding all sorts of craft items everywhere....from the usual places to bargain spots such as Winners and Dollar stores!  My biggest score was finding some Spellbinders Nestabilities in Winners!  Which has me scooting around to the various Winners to see if there are more lurking about, but I must of found them a wee late cuz I've only found 2 - but hey @ 7.99 that's two that cost a whole lot less! My other score was a $155 dollar soup pot for only $30 at Winners also!  Gotta love Winners some days!

So, in honour of the 'bargain bin' - here is a card I made from Dollar Store materials - namely a Halloween section mini-album kit. I've used the decorative paper and the glossy stickers to make this BOO card. A very simple card - just have fun playing with the alpha letters B and O to create " BOO "....easy peasy! 

To make the BOO eyes - simply cut the same letters out in white cardstock and use the negative space [the parts you normally toss away] which in this case are handy oval shaped!  I punched some small black circles and glued them in a whimsical fashion to complete the goofy eyeball look! 

Even better - than simply die-cutting your letters - emboss them too!  Each letter was embossed with a spider web embossing folder and glittered with stickles, gotta have that glitter!

And have fun decorating with embellishments!  

Earlier this year I bought the orange/black twine from Your Next Stamp and wound it around one of the O's - and simply used a stapler to attach a scrap of ribbon to the B.  Of course Basic Black cardstock from Stampin' Up!  helps to make the colours pop! boo-boo bop! there you have it!!!!

My next project is going to be using these leaves!  I am cutting out leaves in various colours BUT I am also cutting some in white cardstock which I then sponge colours all over in a pleasing fashion. Just don't sponge the colours over top of each other to avoid a muddy mess look. 
Then afterwards, I run these through different embossing folders and once more, I stickle them with glitter! 

Even just as they are, they'd be fun to sprinkle around the Thanksgiving table! But I will show you what I did with them very very soon!

Cha for now!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Challenge Entry - Summer Time Card!

Another of my SUMMER cards where I chosen a sea/ocean theme!  I love-love-love doing these
kinds of projects at this time of year....which is why I buy stamps and equipment to equip me to make them and I buy the supplies from all over, no particular favorites.

Here I have used a 'Your Next Stamp' stamp set - Happy Birthday Mermaid' paired with a simplier stamp set of sea creatures {the starfish, fish and seahorse} and even a foam leaf stamp for the background. 

I also have entered this for COLOR THROWDOWN  whose celebrating their 200th Challenge - so, CT200 naturally!  The colours chosen were:
Pink Passion
Certainly Celery
Chocolate Chip
Pumpkin Pie
Tempting Turquoise 
I have used all of the above colours in one way or another on my card.  Certainly Celery is on the Mermaids's fins but also is sponged around the card's edges and overtop of the Turquoise water! Chocolate Chip is in one's hair, and fome finer detail on another mermaid. Pumpkin Pie makes up the starfish and within the seahorse, and there are accents of Pink Passion in the tiniest starfish, hair and flowers, and ribbon. Its all there. What a fun time this was as I love colouring and cutting out stamp images from time to time like this! 
Here are a few more pics - hope y'all like!!! 

I am entering this card for:


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If you have not done so, please take a moment to read my post " A Sweet Songbird Needed Compassion and Received it! "

And if you can, please DONATE to the TORONTO WILDLIFE CENTER - all animals need our compassion when they need it the most, and your contribution will be awesomely appreciated!

Thank you!

YNS Challenge #5 Colour Trio

Another fun challenge over at Your Next Stamp's Blog....and I made a very simple card for my entry!  More simple than my normal choice but I have tons going on right now, so this was a quickie for me!

But I just received two teeny-weeny stamps from YNS last week....and I am anticipating getting a jar die soon and thought these little Fiona stamps would look adorable stamped 'inside' the jars - so I am using one of them for today's card.

The challenge asks for a colour trio of lime green, pink and teal.   My card is just a simple one that I cut in a different way other than normal and added a pink pocket containing a blank tag which could be used for a gift tag or a bookmark perhaps. My embellishments are a mix of ribbons....and that's it!

My pictures are a little darker than in real life as I took them tonight - sometimes I wish I was 
a much better photographer, sigh!  

The little gal is MINI DAY DREAM FHIONA

Thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scrapbooking our National Holidays

Hoot if You Love Canada!  
This is my latest 8x8 inch scrapbook page for Canada Day!
Puffy Chipboard, Glittered die-cut alpha, hand-made Ladybugs, Patterned Paper, Scallop Circle, Skittles

It was my idea to start a small album of Canada Day projects back in 2010. Then one year after the next, on this special day I will sit down and organize a new addition for the album hoping that one day my grandchildren will have a fond little album to look at!

So I started with Sock Monkey in 2010 and returned with him - [cuz he's just so darn cute for kids] - again in 2011.  Strictly RED and WHITE!  I think I had thought I might keep him up for a really long time, Sock Monkey in his various celebrations of our "glorious" land......BUT....as we know how 'buts' have a habit of finding their way in to our lives.....I decided to make a departure on this idea and together with the help of my daughter decided on a WOODLAND theme [esp after we found these awesome chipboard alpha letters from Autumn Leaves called Zippy ].  My daughter really wanted me to use a LADYBUG and APPLES theme because that would be cutsey and bring in the national red colour!  But {see there's another one...} I couldn't pass up on these Owls included with the Zippy Alpha Stickers, so my tree is sporting this cute coupl e and hence, the HOOT IF YOU LOVE CANADA was born!

Here so far is my samples of scrapbook pages posted where-else but the fridge!

growing fridge collection of scrap pages for Canada Day!
2012 is my new colour scheme!  

Detail - owls, ladybugs, trees, sky, and....

...I made APPLES from red circle cardstock and red skittles!  Leaf on apples are a small circle punch used to make 'sections' and glued to apple.  Tree branch and trunk was a stamped image and treated to some serious brown glitter!!  LOVE THE OWLS - so puffy!

Lady Bugs are 1 Red and 1 Black Circle Punch and 1 Black oval scrap and several teeny-tiny circle 'dots' .  I cut the red circle in half and layered them over the black circle and glued the head to the back.  Tiniest dots ever - were added by dropping a smidge of glue to the red circles using a toothpick and dropping the black dots on top!  Then glittered it all with black and iridescent glitter!  Voila - ladybugs! 

Closer look at 2011's page....see Sock Monkey?
Close-up of 2010's Sock Monkey!  

The pair of Sock Monkeys!  

Back where we started! 
Oh one tiny detail - I place the year on the page but very discreetly where it can be found but not to interree

YOU should try a National Holiday project too!  

***HELP YOURSELF -  Pictures can be clicked on to see larger, some close-up shots included.

Monday, June 25, 2012

YNS Challenge #3 YNSC3

Hi folks,

Having fun this week playing with my fav summer theme of sea creatures!  And to justify it even more, I am playing along with YOUR NEXT STAMP's CHALLENGE #3 "Anything Goes"!   You can see their challenge details HERE! Deadline is Weds. midnight.

I already was toying with ideas involving 3D projects lately and wanted to do something within a frame, and so I put two'n'two together and here is my entry....my "Mermaids Playing in the Sun Shadow Box".

The frame was one I had for awhile, maybe two years?  And my stamps from Your Next Stamp are the adorable mermaid set, Happy Birthday Mermaid which I acquired about two years ago also! Coincidence - I think not! LOL!

Later I plan to embellish this even more once I find my darn box of tiny shells!  Maybe some charms? Heck who knows! :)

I am going to write up a more detailed post about creating this by the week-end, so return here if you care for that.

 Tomorrow I am going to be training for a volunteer program with the city's recycling program, so I have to cut it short here tonight........so here it is.......I hope you all like it!  Good luck to all the entries over at YNS!!!

The pictures are through the glass which was not removable - sorry for that! 
Click on pics to see originals. 

Stamp Set from Your Next Stamp is Happy Birthday Mermaid
which is part of the Under the Sea Collection listed under Fhiona Stamps.
plus some of their Glittered Skittles.  
Other supplies include Quickutz 6-inch Edge Dies, Waves and
Stampin' Up! Markers and Inks, Cardstock, DSP for the background,
chipboard scallop edge, and clear blocks. Copic Marker, seed beads, glitter and 
shadow box metal frame. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Penny Black ' Spoil Yourself Silly ' Birthday Card

Hey !  Hello.........

Its been awhile since I have wandered away from my usual Stampin' Up! projects....chalk it up to time I guess!
But I did dig around my 'other' favourite stamp sets to dream up this BIRTHDAY CARD for a relative who loves cats!

Isn't it a real cutie-pie image of the cat and her pal just  ridiculously spoiling themselves!  I think so :)

Now.... if you want to make a fun birthday card, then think of making a simple folding card - but then colour choices and embellishments will help to define your card and then the 'whole' card really delivers!

Its like knowing that a group of " simple " parts - add up to one " perfect " card which will charm your

The front image is stamped on a separate cardstock panel which is attached to extend beyond the first fold. 

Unfolded....the fun continues!  

So that is how I approached this card.....basic cardstock folded simply, added some pretty background paper,  a fun stamp set and simple colouring!  Throw in some flower embellishments, pretty yarn and some bling - and voila!

I am pretty sure the recipient will really enjoy receiving this card - she lives in one of the sunny states of the US, so the light feel of this card should fit right in on her windowsill !

Thanks for dropping by - now go and stamp!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Is Happenin' in the Craft Room this Week - a Book Cover!

Hello Crafty Friends!

I hope by now you know that this is my 'in-between' blog now - where I can show off some non-related Stampin' Up! material I am working on!  Yep, I am the lucky recipient of craft gifts as I hope you all are - and I think the general feeling is that they would like to give me something else besides SU products and so from time to time I have been oohing and aahing over punches, or chipboard albums which I adore - or fantastic stickers, papers, ...well, you name it!  My daughter also finds things for me when she is out shopping and will be a great daughter and buy them for me!  Thanks sweetie!  Plus - I still have stuff from before my days as a SU member! And finally, honestly, who can resist a good Dollar store find, lol!

All together I looked through my 'stash' and is how I found myself doing this....

First - a word to let you in on the owl .....my daughter started to luv the owl thing awhile ago and it extends to decorations ...and jewellery.....and notebooks, etc......

...and like all well-meaning people, I started to buy 'owl' stuff for her! 
Now that continues into my own craft items - if its an owl, I automatically buy it - go figure!

Anyways, above owl is what drew my attention right away and it was actually on the reverse side 
of a 12 x 12 paper I purchased awhile ago so I don't know what collection it belongs to - sorry!

The other thing my daughter is into is "Blue with a touch of Yellow" !  Yes - its her catch phrase ' a touch of yellow' AND she really loves the soft hazy blend of the two with ivory especially if its
the laid-back coastal look of the Hamptons!

Which is why I am working on this - and its only a start....

and closer...

....see, its the cover - for a album, notebook - not sure yet! 

As I said, I started with the owl and added some borders to each side of the owl paper,...
...then I began to think of how to use the checkered blue-and-cream paper, and I came 
up with little FLAGS.  I haven't really done the flag trend much, and I was 
surprised that once I started to consider decorating them, I was hooked!  
Each flag has its own decoration - really fun!  

Then I discovered a soft pink flower I had made a long time ago that had
the exact same size DOT pattern - who knew! LOL! 
So along with a black border on the left side, and a few smaller versions 
sprinkled around, the FLOWER was added!  

Well - there will be more to do with this baby, and it will be done by her birthday in April. 
Yes, that is a long time yet - and yet, not if you know what I mean! 

Thanks for coming by!  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Fabulous 2012 is Here!!!

Can ya believe it - its 2012!!!  Wow, we are getting right up there with this new millennium are we not?  Someone close to me was saying that they feel like its still the turn of 2000 but a reality check is that we are zooming right along - so here we are again!

What will be your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS?   Especially CRAFT RESOLUTIONS!  The really fun stuff!

For me:
   1. more dies for my Big SHot - cuz after all, why have a cool machine and not have all the dies you can muster!
   2. organization - say it every year, but ....well, we all know what happens!  Unless Steven Hawking can help me expand my walls automatically everytime more than 10 lbs of craft stuff materializes - there will always be piles and piles!!!

3. to dutifully craft on time every week ---- yah, I said it!  But will I do it? I must, I must try!

4. to get those drat projects done that are calling from the closet like ghosts o christmas past!  Scary indeed!

5. to get out of my craft comfort zone - and to evolve my style!

6. to take # 5 and apply it to some older scrapbook pages that look a little odd to me now, lol!

7. to have FUN!  Whooo-hoooo!  Its what its all about baby!


Here is a fun picture to share - our dog graciously puts up with us every year when we start dragging out costumes, special christmas attire - you name it!  PEPPER is the best DOG ever!!!  We adore him.....

Getting the costume on is half the fun but easy going Pepper thinks: "why o' why do they insist! "  

every dog must have his Christmas 'must haves' in his wardrobe handy! 

Our sweetie-pie relaxing at his fav window!  Awww, how cute is he! 

Bye for now crafting friends!