Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scrapbooking our National Holidays

Hoot if You Love Canada!  
This is my latest 8x8 inch scrapbook page for Canada Day!
Puffy Chipboard, Glittered die-cut alpha, hand-made Ladybugs, Patterned Paper, Scallop Circle, Skittles

It was my idea to start a small album of Canada Day projects back in 2010. Then one year after the next, on this special day I will sit down and organize a new addition for the album hoping that one day my grandchildren will have a fond little album to look at!

So I started with Sock Monkey in 2010 and returned with him - [cuz he's just so darn cute for kids] - again in 2011.  Strictly RED and WHITE!  I think I had thought I might keep him up for a really long time, Sock Monkey in his various celebrations of our "glorious" land......BUT....as we know how 'buts' have a habit of finding their way in to our lives.....I decided to make a departure on this idea and together with the help of my daughter decided on a WOODLAND theme [esp after we found these awesome chipboard alpha letters from Autumn Leaves called Zippy ].  My daughter really wanted me to use a LADYBUG and APPLES theme because that would be cutsey and bring in the national red colour!  But {see there's another one...} I couldn't pass up on these Owls included with the Zippy Alpha Stickers, so my tree is sporting this cute coupl e and hence, the HOOT IF YOU LOVE CANADA was born!

Here so far is my samples of scrapbook pages posted where-else but the fridge!

growing fridge collection of scrap pages for Canada Day!
2012 is my new colour scheme!  

Detail - owls, ladybugs, trees, sky, and....

...I made APPLES from red circle cardstock and red skittles!  Leaf on apples are a small circle punch used to make 'sections' and glued to apple.  Tree branch and trunk was a stamped image and treated to some serious brown glitter!!  LOVE THE OWLS - so puffy!

Lady Bugs are 1 Red and 1 Black Circle Punch and 1 Black oval scrap and several teeny-tiny circle 'dots' .  I cut the red circle in half and layered them over the black circle and glued the head to the back.  Tiniest dots ever - were added by dropping a smidge of glue to the red circles using a toothpick and dropping the black dots on top!  Then glittered it all with black and iridescent glitter!  Voila - ladybugs! 

Closer look at 2011's page....see Sock Monkey?
Close-up of 2010's Sock Monkey!  

The pair of Sock Monkeys!  

Back where we started! 
Oh one tiny detail - I place the year on the page but very discreetly where it can be found but not to interree

YOU should try a National Holiday project too!  

***HELP YOURSELF -  Pictures can be clicked on to see larger, some close-up shots included.

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