Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Snowflake Tag for a Dog Biscuit Wreath!

While shopping on our annual Christmas Church Fair Day - our beloved tradition of visiting local church's holiday craft fairs to find great handmade gifts during November, we found this great DOG BISCUIT WREATH and fell in love with it!

So we bought it for a neighbour's pooch Lucy, a friend to our beloved dog Maggie!

It was wrapped wonderfully, but no tag.  So when I found Impression Obsessions Challenge Quick Holiday Gifts  I decided to add a tag to the wreath and enter the challenge as well.  [click on link to take you to Impression Obsessions blog]

It took minutes to make a quick tag using the Large Snowflake Die and a simple scalloped circle and a wee bit of twine. I left the snowflake diecut mainly intact for a bold look. The small snowflake I did remove (from the center), I used on the back of the tag. Easy peasy :)

I added tiny red gems to the interior of the snowflake as the wreath's wrapping has a pretty elaborate ribbon but I adjusted the twine on my tag so it would hang in the center of the wreath and ta da - ready to be delivered this morning :)

Off shopping, so have a good day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Wreath 'n' Roses Easel Fold Holiday Card

Whew what a long title!

Sometimes its hard to put an aptly named title together for a project or my talent at this is minimal, but what IS important is that we share right? Right!

And today I'd like to share this idea for a card with you because I think its a terrifically fun design that you could use again and again and get a "wow" reaction every time! And believe it or not, it folds into a 5 x 7 in. envelope {hurray!}...which is good for postal rates :)

I followed the following instructions for cutting and folding....

Create the card body:

CUT        6 x 11-3/4 in     cardstock {minimum 80lb cardstock to support weight}
SCORE   3-1/4; 5; 6-3/4; and 8-1/2 inch marks
FOLD     valley; mountain; mountain; valley  respectively  [creates a central panel which sticks out]

Decorate each of the two flanking back panels with co-ordinating patterened paper and the central panel. [ I used patterned paper cut to 1/8 in. less than each panel]
Create the  main card front:
                4 x 5 in cardstock
                 3-1/2 x 4-5/8 mat
                 4-1/8 x 3-1/4 mat [ for focal design such as wreath ]
*Add your focal design such as the wreath, and attach to the central panel of the card body.

 DO make a fabulous focal point!!  3D is best in my opinion. Show off some bling or go for the natural look as I did.  This card design is also handy for using scrap materials.

My tips to share for creating added dimension when using a punch to create foliage are:
 - 'patterned paper' [ see white polka-dot on green cardstock],
 - combine different foliage types [ see the deep green branch at top of wreath ]
 - use one colour but a variety of shades [light and dark greens]
 - try something different [ i distressed white cardstock with brown ink before punching mini-branch]

Please visit......
 The wreath design is not an original of mine but "my version". To see where I found the idea please visit Mariannes Papir Blog and see her wonderful projects! 

Hurry and mail out your cards !!

Happy Holidays :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dyed Coffee Filter Flowers for Fall Wreath

Boy, its nearly Oct 31rst and another Halloween is dead set to arrive! Where does the year go!!

This year I suffered through some illness and so my Halloween is weak this year, but we did decorate the patio - I may be down at times, but I'm not out, lol!!!

However, before Fall came along I had done an interesting project with COFFEE FILTERS.  And the results were SPECTACULAR -- I dyed plain ol' generic coffee filters and turned them into flowers and I swear to you that when they are adorning a wreath, or gathered into a 'floral' arrangement, they look so real!


{note the dyed coffee filter "flower" beside the rust sunflower - pretty good, eh?}
Click on pictures for enlarged view. 

I am not showing the process of the flower creation - for that you can Google or Youtube " DIY Coffee Filter Flowers" and you will see plenty of tutorials on this subject, pick and choose your favs.
Here is one type flower 'version' tutorial: Tutorial Haleighanna's Hands DIY Coffee Filter Tutorial
Here is two type flower 'version' tutorial: Elegant Coffee Filter Rose

But I will give a few musings about how I DYED the coffee filters after cutting them into 'petals'.
I used food colouring to dye them. I found that food colouring gave beautiful vibrant shades of colour. Neon brights and Regular packs worked great.

I had tried using INK refills from my own collection, but only a few colours transferred well whereas some colours namely the green inks seem to turn out dull. The purple ink "Elegant Eggplant"  and the yellow " Daffodil Delight" from Stampin' Up! worked beautifully. So part of the charm of this project IS the dyeing process and discovering through experimenting which colours you create. Just like being a kid :)

While I used several colours: I did not use much liquid to dye the flowers. If you water down the food colouring {or ink} too much, the intensity will not develop, plus you can always rinse some of the colour 'out' if you want. I put a good many drops of one colour each into separate shallow vessels like clean margarine containers or short narrow juice glasses and added a wee bit of water. Next I dipped my crumpled or folded coffee filter in and afterwards squeezed out the excess liquid back into the container. {and this is probably where I should of wore gloves, duh!}

Some filters I 'dipped' one end into one colour, flipped and dipped the other end into a different colour....or I dyed the filter a light shade, then dipped the one half into a deeper shade.....either way you do it, you can combine colours for some really super results.

Drying was easy - as you can see :)

Here are my pictures......hope you give this project a try!




Sun Flowers and Burlap Ribbon new from Michaels*


coffee filters (8 per flower)
(liquid, paste or hot glue gun)
food colours - variety of shades
(or ink refills)
(lite gauge, or bamboo skewers for 'stems')
(for dyeing)
drying spot
(use portable clothes dryer rack, or string up a line - you can dry the flowers faster
if you use a hair dryer on them but they dry pretty fast on their own)
and water!
** Wreath form or other decorative piece
plastic gloves
protective surface to work on.

TECHNIQUE TO CREATE FLOWERS: GOOGLE or YOUTUBE " DIY Coffee Filter Flowers and you will find loads of 'how-to' examples - pick your favourite and have fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Window and Shaker Cards featuring Spellbinders and Ornaments4christmas

The following project was inspired by Jennifer McGuire's card Love Joy Peace.

It's a window card and I haven't done one of these in ages!!!  So I promptly started rummaging through the house looking for clear acetate....and couldn't find any, awww.  But for one card I created a cellophane wrap "baggie" and for the other, I used a square cut from some clear packaging I had in the recycle bin. Voila!

I decided to make a fall and a christmas card as experiments.

Both cards have a white heavy cardstock bases ( folded 8 1/2 x 5 1/2) and a panel of decorative paper cut to 2 1/8 x 5 1/2 and attached to the left half of the card front. * To extend the paper around to the back of the card, cut it at 3 1/8 x 5 1/2.  [see end photo of Fall card]. 

This causes a straight division down the front and where I " centered " my dies to cut the window.

 I decided to cut the windows after I attached the decorative panel to one half of the card front - this meant it would be twice the work for the die to cut through properly. Cutting heavy cardstock with wafer thin dies (or framelits, thinlits) meant I had to shim the dies tightly so they'd cut right through the double thickness.  You'll need to experiment with your die-cutter, dies and cardstock to find the right sandwich to prep.

I plan to make a TUTORIAL VIDEO showing how to do these cards, so stay tuned :) 

My ' fall ' card is a shaker card and I used an older Spellbinder's die set, ORCHARD HARVEST TAGS and ACCENTS SHAPEABILITIES. There are gorgeous dies in this set!  I chose the oak leaf for my design.

After cutting the die, I made my own DIY clear baggie slightly larger than the window dimensions using plain old kitchen cellophane wrap and 2-sided tape! I filled the baggie with an assortment of bugle beads, sequins and a dose of gold glitter flakes and closed it shut. Continuing I taped around the edges of the baggie and around the window as well so the "shaker bag" would lay flat against the cardstock/window.

A final piece of white cardstock was attached behind the window on the card's inside left.

I added a corner piece with my sentiment - and had my SHAKER CARD!!! :)  It's so pretty and fun!

*last detail - I extended my panel of decorative paper to fold around to the back - 
I like this extra touch at times!


I belonged to the Stamps of Life Die Hard Club where I receive a stamp and co-ordinating die set each month. September's Club set was the stamp ORNAMENTS4CHRISTMAS and ORNAMENT CLUB DIE SET. As with all of Stephanie Barnard's club releases, there is a second stamp set to co-ordinate offered later each month. This also has more dies related to this - check out their web site, The Stamps of Life.

My decorated card base was constructed the same way as my Fall card and I cut out the ornament dead-center. I cut out the ornament top doohickey in a couple of colours but decided the red popped out as a good accent shade!

This time, I used a scrap of clear acetate I scrounged from my recycling bin and some old packaging - but it was clear, clean and good to go!  I would encourage you to purchase clear acetate sheets though as it is one of those 'must have' supplies.

Once I cut the ornament, I added a strip of double-sided tape top and bottom of the window and shook white glitter all over it and made a cool accent! LOVE the cool techniques we can do!!!

I also made my own striped twine!   I cut 3 lengths of crochet yarn and unwound each length in half to thin them down. Then hold one end of the 3 lengths down {i used a paperweight} and beginning with the other ends, twist and twist till the entire length is wound up tight!  Then find the center and pinch it and the entire piece should wind up on its own like magic!  Now you have a thick triple colour twine!  Glue the ends and attach to the ornament like a bow.

I ADDED some snowflake accents {same die set} using a glitter red for the front and attaching 2 more to the inside of the card.  I stamped a greeting inside - above where the window would show.
I also tidied up the inside's left side by cutting another ornament and using the negative part to make an ornament 'frame'  - this is unnecessary but I get going if you know what I mean :)

SO - 2 cards and I believe the experiment worked!  I WILL make more window cards for my christmas this year, they are fun to make and fun to receive! 

I'm Back!

Hello Blogworld!

I am back!  I intended to take a long break from crafting and blogging for several reasons: 1) to deal with important home projects and 2) to have a " creative break " which I hoped would restore life into my general view of things.  Nothing worse than growing stagnant right?

But - my beautiful dog Pepper got seriously ill in spring and died before his 11th birthday which would of been in July.  We were grateful we had time to prepare and we did a little 'bucket list' and held his birthday early.

However, it killed my enthusiasm for caring about my crafts - and - I wanted to come back to blog when I put a terrific tribute together about Pepper. That hasn't happened yet, probably because I just want more time.

Boy, its hard to lose your beloved pets. To say I miss him - well, can't actually measure that.

But in dealing with our loss, we were surprised to find that we couldn't stand the silence after about 1 month - even felt a little quilty about even thinking of another dog. But in our initial looking on the web, we found a little precious dog, Maggie. She was in a rescue foster home, and needed a forever home. So long story short - we now have Maggie!

Therefore - I just wanted to re-introduce myself back into blogging - and I WILL post a proper tribute to Pepper and introduce Maggie in time.

So on to new projects and new life!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easter Baking Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Happy Easter!

No, I'm kidding!  I'm just a teeny-weeny behind with my blogging, but I DID want to share this recipe I discovered this Easter: Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, fab-u-loso! Yum yum yum that's all I have to say.
Now that I know the little secret for the recipe, I am going to try it with other flavours.

Here is how I created these little gems....{scroll to bottom for recipe}....prep your cupcake tins.

First, zest some lemons.

Make your batter using a light coloured cake mix {yellow,white, etc.} and ADD the secret ingredient: reduced-fat SOUR CREAM ! Yep- you read right (grin).  Believe it or not this recipe has been revised to a lightened version with 139 calories and 4 g fat per cupcake, out of a batch of 24.  Uh-huh...you can feel a little less quilty, lol.  

Add your zest to the batter...divide into cupcake liners - pretty close to the top. I wasn't too sure about how high to pile the batter and I was using my first "foil-lined" cupcake liners, and in the end I think I could of added more batter....use your own judgement and/or experience. Mine baked right to the rim and not over, so maybe more batter?  

Bake and cool cupcakes on rack(s), and prep your ICING - really gets good here!!!

I cheated.  The recipe calls to make your own meringue, but I used Dream Whip powder.  Mainly because we couldn't find meringue powder in our grocery...???  We are new at this, sooooo...we stressed our brains and decided Dream Whip sounded ok, and it worked!  Ice the cooled cupcakes. Again, I made another choice....recipe: "stir in remaining lemon zest " ....well, I opted to place it carefully on top of the icing where I also chose NOT to bake the icing!  Too much for moi, and it was just as delicious I'm sure! Looks pretty too, wouldn't you say? 

...my peeps checking out the goodies!  

AND I have to add this pic.....I couldn't say how many times I intend to use over-ripe bananas for
some classic BANANA BREAD....but I did it, here's the proof....

...not too shabby, and it was good!

Hope I make my easter post next year on time, lol :)

Supplies: 3 lemons, light coloured cake mix, water, reduced-fat sour cream, 4 eggs, canola oil (or similar)
sugar, meringue powder (or Dream Whip type), cupcake liners, cupcake tin for 24, toothpicks, metal or foil tray for cupcake pan support, mixer, basic baking tools. 
OVEN: 350 degrees

Prep your lemons into zest: 2 TBs and 2 tsp and thin lemon zest strips. 
Prep your cupcake tin with the cupcake liners - set aside.
Set up mixer, and have basic baking tools handy, chill 1 mixing bowl for meringue - ditto with beaters.

1 package yellow cake mix 
1 1/3 cups water
1/3 cup reduced-fat sour cream 
3 egg whites
1 egg
3 TBs oil
2 TBs lemon zest

1/2 cup cold water
12 TBs sugar
2 TBs meringue powder * - or 1 pack Dream Whip
2 tsp lemon zest
lemon strips

On low speed: beat cake mix, water, sour cream, egg whites, egg and oil till just combined, 30 secs.  Increase to medium speed and beat 2 mins.
Stir in 2 TBs lemon zest.
Divide batter among cupcake liners.
Bake 18 mins - or till toothpick inserted into cupcake comes out clean.
Cool 10 mins.
Remove from cupcake tin to rack(s) to cool 10 mins or more. 

{NOTE: I reused by washing my Kitchen Aid's bowl and placed in freezer with beater to chill fast for the next step}

On medium speed: beat water 6 TBs meringue powder until combined. ** See option below
Gradually beat in remaining sugar while watching mix to form SOFT peaks - 5mins, 5 mins more?
Stir in remaining zest ( 2 tsp).
Spread over cupcakes. 
Place on metal or foil tin and bake at 425 degrees until lightly browned {watch!}
Add lemon strips as garnish. 

** OPTION #2: as I said, I used Dream Whip - 1 package following direction on package, and I DID NOT bake them but served up the 'chilled whip' topped with zest and zest strips as garnish over cooled cupcakes. I would next time, add a little more flavour with more lemons or lemon flavouring, but it was tasty- really nice!  VERY nice!

SOURCE: Womans World Feb 22, 2010

My Daughter's CAS Birthday Card


My leopard wishing my daughter would hurry up and wake up 
so we can get on with celebrating her birthday!

Here is my daughter's birthday card for her 26th year!  She is still an adorable,
young, pretty and pleasant young lady!
 I am SO VERY PROUD of - and she loves colour, bright colours in a bright world,
 so I tried to give it to her with this card.  [plus a "few" - ahem - birthday gifts]

FRONT - notice I forgot my 'h' in birthday?  I was so caught up trying to write
 in a fun style that I misspelled the word, lol. 

Supplies:  Heidi Swapp cardstock and circle punch, Sizzlits 'Cherish' alphabet dies,
 markers, chalk, brad, and sewing machine.

This is a pretty easy card to whip up - white base, cut out some colourful alphabets and randomly
 punch a bunch of circles from pretty cardstock. Add a heart accent, brads, glitter...then use 
your own hand to print out a word or two. You can opt as I did to add more colour with
sweeping brushes of chalk!  Pretty easy.  You can sew on the circles as I did [because I have
been dying to try that look!!]...or just glue them on. 
I found it all very fun - its like bringing out your inner child :)


....continued to just have a fun time expressing my "love you" using alphabet letters,
 a heart and the same fun style lettering by hand.  So fast'n'easy to just slap a wide band of glitter glue
onto heavy cardstock ( 110 lb - so the moisture in the glitter glue won't buckle the paper). 
More random choices of colour - pretty! 

She loved it :)
And I love her.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hello gals........raining today so perhaps its a perfect time to announce a spring class event!


Saturday  May 10th
10 AM

RSVP:  bstampingbeehive@gmail.com
$10 each 

This is a one-hour class that is quick but sure to be your passport to a blissful moment when you present your b e a u t i f u l  hand-made card to Mom!!!  She'll LOVE IT - I promise!

Beautiful pastels, great techniques and a signature style.....what more, yes?

YES!   So come out, rain or shine and let's get started!

Please - puh-leeze - pretty please reserve your spot so I can properly prep supplies - thanks!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Minute No Scissors Card Challenge

Need some fun?   Sure you do!

Well, I found a way to create some spark this morning by giving myself a challenge!  Just a private me-vs-me moment I guess, lol.

Anyways, I imposed a challenge to create a card in 5 mins and using no scissors!   I whipped this together by folding and ripping my scraps, and I had a previously punched strip of pink cardstock {so maybe that's a wee cheat - I don't know???}....and before you know it, I was done!

I liked it so much, tomorrow I'll probably think of a new way to challenge myself, give it a go yourself - sometimes we just need a bit of a push, right?


Stamp from Michaels Valentine Collection 2014

Multi-Border Valentine Card with DIY RIbbon Rosette

Here's a pretty project....I created this using a few different punches and one Spellbinder's border die.  The only hard part is choosing your papers....understandable if you have a billion (ahem) sheets of untouched designer series cardstock!  But I did it by narrowing down a few sheets that seemed to go together and I have a real fondness for kraft and pink combination, so maybe it wasn't that hard, lol.

Multiple Borders created with punches, die. Handmade ribbon rosette. 

Its pretty self-explanatory, and perhaps the only real note is that I created a ribbon rosette by threading a ' wave ' pattern onto a strip of ribbon and pulled the threads so it curled up on itself.  Attach the two ends and voila - you have a rosette!  I finally got to use a brad too that has been in my collection for-evah!!! I hated to finally delve into a red pleated ribbon roll .....maybe I should titled this post - " using up your supplies"! 

handmade ribbon rosette

Another note, I " painted " the card's edges with a bit of white paint for a more shabby feel.....hey, have fun making your own!!!!

brush edges with white craft paint

Valentine's 2014.

Embossed Hearts Valentine Card

Recall my recurring theme this year is to try NEW THINGS?

I love-love-LOVE this style.. white-on-white 'embossing' with washy colourful accents "peeking out"!  It's soooo pretty!  

I am pleased to say the projects were fun to make :)  

First create a wash by dropping various ink refill colours next to one another onto a plate along with a small amount of water - *** avoid mixing the colours too much .  Have white cardstock waiting.

Next using some very simple heart foam stamps, I dipped a stamp partially into one colour and then turned the stamp and dipped another part into a second colour, and so on.  Be careful! Dipping too much may make a muddy result.

Stamp your design onto white cardstock, I stamped  an arc of hearts, masking some in the process.  The results were very rainbow-coloured indeed!


While pretty enough,  I moved onto the next stage....Clean your stamps, and re-stamp over top using Versamark Embossing Ink in an 'off-set ' manner so that the coloured hearts will "peek out".

Add  WHITE embossing powder, heat and watch the magic!

I cut my stamped hearts into a 3 x 4 mat, and together with pink and turquoise mats layered everything onto a card base and tied it all off with some pink/white baker's twine!

But it wasn't enough.

Bring in the bling!!!   I covered 'one' embossed white heart with an assortment of coloured gems, and ta da!!!  Loved it  :)

White embossing is now definitely one of my all-time favourite styles!   
Hope you all give it a try!

Alesa Baker ' LOVE ' stamp.

My new Alesa Baker Stamps and Valentine Cards

Hi - Happy February!!!

Yep, happy February - know why? Because its my birthday month (high-five), but mostly because once February is over then I know the warmer weather is-a-comin'!!!!  Super yay!!!  Honestly tho, if we survive Feb., then its clear sailing, right?

OK - I decided to make a new style of cards....because I have a well-established "look" which I developed over time but now if I am to keep on bringing joy to this hobby, then I need to learn new things.  Keep it fresh!  While I have decided to embrace the new modern, I also want to try other styles such as a homespun and/or shabby look.

While I am now in love with a few (new-to-me) designers and will draw inspiration from them, today I am talking about ALESA BAKER!  I found her stamps on Impression Obsessions website, and chose a few of her stamps to begin a new collection for Valentine projects.

I bought some of her collection that were on sale - super bonus - and they will be a smart investment as they are ' timeless '  :)

Thin Stripe Rose - Alesa Baker
Elegant Element 1 - Alesa Baker

And here is the Valentine Card I made:



1. Sponge 3 Colours of Ink onto Glossy White Cardstock.

a) Take your card made from white glossy cardstock  and set on top of your work surface. Squeeze liquid ink onto a saucer [refill ink, spray ink] and lightly dip a sponge wedge or dauber into the ink.

b) Dab the colour onto the glossy white cardstock moving around the surface leaving white spaces.  Take another colour (fresh sponge) and repeat.  Decide whether a third colour of ink is desired ....use as many colours as you care to but keep in mind, a small surface looks best with 3 colours in my opinion.

c) Let card dry sandwiched between paper towels and a heavy book set on top to allow the cardstock to dry flat ( wet cardstock can warp ).

2.  Embossed Vellum Cardstock Band  
a) take a strip of vellum and emboss a pattern onto it, attach to cardstock.  I chose Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.



3.  Crumple Pink Heart Tag 

a) I lightly sprayed a piece of  pink cardstock with water, then crumpled. In the crumpled state, I swiped my WHITE Craft Ink over it. Unfold and cut out a heart 'tag' { similiar size to the heart stamp or a wee bit bigger }

3.  "Heart Tag" with Thin Stripe Rose Stamp and Elegant Element 1.
a) Stamp Thin Stripe Rose stamp  in rosy red ink and use masking technique to stamp the Elegant Element 1 and fussy-cut both out together.

4. Combine the 2 Heart Tags together.
a) by poking 2 holes in card, and holes in each heart tag, I tied them to the card with a loop of pink yarn. Leave it so they can " move ".  You could stamp a sentiment on the pink heart tag if you wish!

5.  Attach a Fabric Rose to the Thin Stripe Rose Heart Tag.....where the stamp's rose is, I glued a small fabric rose over top.

That's it!  I really like it because its "soft" looking and I really enjoyed creating with Alesa's stamps and finding a new way to express myself.

Thanks for your visit!!!   I'll be posting more Valentine Cards, so come on back!!!!

Alesa Baker Cling Stamps:   Thin Stripe Heart, Elegant Element 1 -  Impressions Obsessions HERE, HERE
Glossy Cardstock:   Stampin' UP!
Vellum Adhesive-Backed Cardstock: retired Quickutz supply
Various Refill Inks: Stampin' UP!
Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder
Flower Rose, fabric; yarn: sewing supply (Fabricland)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Creating 3D Supports for Paper Projects.

Hi folks,

So I have survived our " ICE STORM " of 2013 where we lost power for days - and have moved on to cleaning out the craft room {as if that's possible !!}  But what else can one do when the temps are minus 30's?

With that in mind, and peering at the ice and snow outside, I realized today's post may still appropriately be about snow themes, plus I forgot to include my other snowman card in my last post.

The JUMBO SNOWMEN stamp set by Stampendous has a really darling set of snow people (?) who're hugging for all its worth, and what a nice card this could be for January!

I certainly enjoyed colouring them, and I placed everything at different levels using reinforced paper supports I created by hand.  Creating them in varying heights or widths allows you plenty of choices to create some interesting 3D effects :)

Give it a try - and happy hunting for discounted Christmas stamps [he he]....I know I am out there, cheers!