Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Is Happenin' in the Craft Room this Week - a Book Cover!

Hello Crafty Friends!

I hope by now you know that this is my 'in-between' blog now - where I can show off some non-related Stampin' Up! material I am working on!  Yep, I am the lucky recipient of craft gifts as I hope you all are - and I think the general feeling is that they would like to give me something else besides SU products and so from time to time I have been oohing and aahing over punches, or chipboard albums which I adore - or fantastic stickers, papers, ...well, you name it!  My daughter also finds things for me when she is out shopping and will be a great daughter and buy them for me!  Thanks sweetie!  Plus - I still have stuff from before my days as a SU member! And finally, honestly, who can resist a good Dollar store find, lol!

All together I looked through my 'stash' and is how I found myself doing this....

First - a word to let you in on the owl daughter started to luv the owl thing awhile ago and it extends to decorations ...and jewellery.....and notebooks, etc......

...and like all well-meaning people, I started to buy 'owl' stuff for her! 
Now that continues into my own craft items - if its an owl, I automatically buy it - go figure!

Anyways, above owl is what drew my attention right away and it was actually on the reverse side 
of a 12 x 12 paper I purchased awhile ago so I don't know what collection it belongs to - sorry!

The other thing my daughter is into is "Blue with a touch of Yellow" !  Yes - its her catch phrase ' a touch of yellow' AND she really loves the soft hazy blend of the two with ivory especially if its
the laid-back coastal look of the Hamptons!

Which is why I am working on this - and its only a start....

and closer...

....see, its the cover - for a album, notebook - not sure yet! 

As I said, I started with the owl and added some borders to each side of the owl paper,...
...then I began to think of how to use the checkered blue-and-cream paper, and I came 
up with little FLAGS.  I haven't really done the flag trend much, and I was 
surprised that once I started to consider decorating them, I was hooked!  
Each flag has its own decoration - really fun!  

Then I discovered a soft pink flower I had made a long time ago that had
the exact same size DOT pattern - who knew! LOL! 
So along with a black border on the left side, and a few smaller versions 
sprinkled around, the FLOWER was added!  

Well - there will be more to do with this baby, and it will be done by her birthday in April. 
Yes, that is a long time yet - and yet, not if you know what I mean! 

Thanks for coming by!  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Fabulous 2012 is Here!!!

Can ya believe it - its 2012!!!  Wow, we are getting right up there with this new millennium are we not?  Someone close to me was saying that they feel like its still the turn of 2000 but a reality check is that we are zooming right along - so here we are again!

What will be your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS?   Especially CRAFT RESOLUTIONS!  The really fun stuff!

For me:
   1. more dies for my Big SHot - cuz after all, why have a cool machine and not have all the dies you can muster!
   2. organization - say it every year, but ....well, we all know what happens!  Unless Steven Hawking can help me expand my walls automatically everytime more than 10 lbs of craft stuff materializes - there will always be piles and piles!!!

3. to dutifully craft on time every week ---- yah, I said it!  But will I do it? I must, I must try!

4. to get those drat projects done that are calling from the closet like ghosts o christmas past!  Scary indeed!

5. to get out of my craft comfort zone - and to evolve my style!

6. to take # 5 and apply it to some older scrapbook pages that look a little odd to me now, lol!

7. to have FUN!  Whooo-hoooo!  Its what its all about baby!


Here is a fun picture to share - our dog graciously puts up with us every year when we start dragging out costumes, special christmas attire - you name it!  PEPPER is the best DOG ever!!!  We adore him.....

Getting the costume on is half the fun but easy going Pepper thinks: "why o' why do they insist! "  

every dog must have his Christmas 'must haves' in his wardrobe handy! 

Our sweetie-pie relaxing at his fav window!  Awww, how cute is he! 

Bye for now crafting friends!