Thursday, September 24, 2015

Remember Me Thursday - #LIGHTFORPETS

 Remember Me Thursday shines a light on those precious, precious shelter animals plight of passing on before receiving their forever homes - and allows you a means to remember your own darling pets! 


Be a Part of the Remember Me Thursday®Awareness Movement

Unite with pet-lovers and animal welfare organizations around the globe on Thursday, September 24, 2015 (the fourth Thursday of September, annually) , with a worldwide pet candle-lighting ceremony.  
The candles, lit on the exact same day across the world, honor the millions of pets who lose their lives without the beneļ¬t of a loving home and shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption.
The Remember Me Thursday® global awareness campaign encourages individuals to light a candle this day (literally or virtually) and to opt to adopt, reducing the millions of orphan pets euthanized each year. - end quote.

I took a few minutes and did a small vignette comprised of a photo, a faux flickering candle, our Pepper's ashes, and one of his beloved tennis balls that he used to chew apart - something he never tired of, lol. My daughter and I offered up a wee chewy treat and chatted up about a few happy memories of that handsome, mischevious dog. I like this -  quiet, treasured moments. 
I know many of us carry around wishes that the world would correct itself knowing that the need to adopt out animals is not considered a priority to some, but then there are true angelic people like Eugene - described as: 
" Meet Eugene Bostwick: retired farm owner, friend to homeless animals, and conductor of the Fort Worth "dog train" []

How beautiful!

Share all you can folks - and visit our new facebook page

Goodnight to all you little angels!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Note of Appreciation Card

Well hello again!

Today I am sharing a card which has me wondering what labels to apply to it....because it evolved from rather 'nothing' to 'something'!  It was in my stash of cards from years ago darlings - like 2008?  And it was one I initially made at one of our old Canadian Inks get-togethers [ a group of SU Demonstrators under Caroline Lebel ] .....and there it sat. And sat.
It was a rather bare-minimum card IMO, nothing too fancy. So I think you can guess where this is going, right?

Now, I organize my cards according to their a) purpose or b) season.  This has been in my 'Fall' seasonal cards and recently I placed a few of them in a basket on my bookshelf.  And one morning I wanted to pass along a ' note of appreciation ' to a very nice lady and I looked this card over. It had a simple design: a container of sorts holding grass and a few flowers, sitting on a strip of torn cardstock and only adorned with a ribbon.

Well, that wouldn't do.

Now here is the card after I spent about an hour on "jazzing it up"!  Ta da:

If you look at the card from its underpinnings of a rust-coloured container, a few scraps of grass,
4 burgundy flowers, a ribbon and a strip of torn cardstock 'earth'....well, you can appreciate why it 
took me an hour to bring it up to my level of happiness! 

There's more flowers - with gems! There's more grass with glittery dirt [yeah, I went there, my inner glimmer goddess couldn't help herself!], there's confetti flowers and maple leaves....and then I thought, its missing something....hmmm...

...a cutesy bird!  Well, actually I thought of adding some perky yellow by attaching a corner and only when I was gluing the corner down did I think that it might be just the place to tuck a bird! Oh, how the mind works!  As I used a scrap of printed paper for the yellow corner, so too did I find a pretty green print paper for the bird but added a solid gold wing and a wee tiny gem for its eye!  See how I sneak in a gem, yes!

For the inside, I made a plain interior jump with colour by sponging on greens, purples, oranges, yellow and then popped it up with green cardstock border!

Close to my Heart's stamp set was perfect for this note because I thought it summarized up the type of profession this lady has in event planning, where change is a constant - yet there is an end in sight, hopefully many good endings for years to come. 
Thanks for stopping by,

CTMH's clear stamp set: FLORAL HAPPINESS S1303
SU's rubber double-sided stamp, INSPIRED BY NATURE [daisy grass side]
Scallop Border Punch
Banner die
confetti punches
SU's Bird and Blooms die set

Birthday Card feat. Papercut Peacock

Hello to everyone!

Back to blogging today, yay! Its beautiful "summer-to-fall" days here in Canada and really trying to take advantage of every lovely day. But today I am sharing a birthday card made for someone's special Mom...and while I do not know the mom in question, I figured that a nice white card featuring a peacock with its beautiful shades of greens,blues and purples would appeal to most women.

So I am glad to have in my collection, INKADINKACLING's rubber stamp: Papercut Peacock. Its a nice size stamp and works great with markers meant for stamping. Using markers allows for precise colouring especially for accenting the feathers. And it's very inexpensive!!  My link takes you to which I have found to be very reliable source for stamps and other crafts with good shipping, even to Canada.

Here is the card and a tag to go along with her birthday present:

I embossed the background card base with a scroll-style embossing folder which I sponged over with some greens, blues and pink dye inks. I cut a heart in pink and white cardstock using Stampin' Up's Heart Framelits and stamped my greeting using their retired "Well Scripted" stamp set. The flower accents were from my stash of previously prepared items. Then I used both satin white and a sheer white ribbons and bling scrolls to add even more femininity - if you're gonna give Mom a birthday card, go all the way :)

Inside the card is a border stamp from Prima - Mixed Media Borders Stamp from Julie Nutting. And a scrap of cardstock that, once more, I prepared earlier using Heidi Swapp's Cherry Color Shine.  It is such a pretty spray! A beautiful soft pearly finish, yummy :)

The tag is all scraps of this'n'that! I attached more of the sheer ribbon - a Dollarama find - because its a very pretty effect....and now I can see from the close-up that my peacock has gems attached - I should of known as I can never finish anything without some bling, lol.

So all and all, its great fun to have an opportunity to do "pretty"...and to use some of your scrap items is very gratifying I must say!  Do try! Oh, and get a peacock stamp - if not Inkadink's there is a great one with Heartfelt Creations that I am dying to own, 

Well I am on a roll, so onto my next project - Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey just a reminder folks, if you  see a pet at risk from car heat, please ACT to save that poor animal!

It happens that a new pet owner, or even an irresponsible pet owner leave their pets in their cars while they go shopping, eating, or other activities and their pet suffers from over-heating which can be DEADLY.

Here is what is being shared by CK Animal Rescue

Thanks for caring. 
 To every animal rescued, it means the world to them.

Canada Day Dessert - Healthy, Tasty Strawberry Ricotta Bowl

I'm sharing my favourite dessert - Ricotta Strawberry Bowl - its a little heaven in a bowl!
My daughter showed it to me as she follows Fit Girl Guide and once I tried this, I was hooked!!!
It's just the type of dessert that is filling and sweet, and yet not fattening - holy cow :)

It's perfect for a Canada Day celebration isn't it?

Here's what you do to make it, one delish bowl.

Strawberries: sliced, {fresh is best, but frozen works}
1/2 cup of Ricotta, light
a few pecans
a drizzle of honey

If you want a fancier version, check out Woman and Home's Strawberry and Ricotta Trifle

Well, this does it for my participating in Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge


Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge - Part B Banner

Welcome to Part B of my Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge!  Yay!
Please if you like this project, read and follow the links I posted at the end.


If you read my earlier post, then you will know I created a Canada Day BANNER to go along with my decor and then to take along on my picnic to dress up the picnic table....its a little thing, but a big thing too :)

First, my creative process went a little like this:..."hmmm, what else can I do with my maple leaf die that would show off its simple form? "  Ponder, ponder.....pondering, then bingo!   When in doubt, I love to turn to banners!  There is sooooo much you can do with a banner - decorate it willy, nilly,  go quick and simple, elegant, cute....what-ever you like!

So I made 3 sections rather quickly by using my Spellbinder's maple leaf die.  I used Paper Garden's Basic Red and Aura Solar White cardstock.  I cut the shapes from the white paper and layered them over red sections.  A ROSETTE is another banner staple. And to help my banner to have glitter [naturally]...I used silver glitter & glitter cardstock.

Button and Rosette

Maple Leaf silhouettes

TIP  #1 To make my own custom BAKER"S TWINE in red and white, I used plain twine and a red marker and coloured my own red sections on the twine!  

TIP #2 Break up the sizes of the banner sections. I made the 3 main ones as you see above but then varied the size and shapes of the other sections.

TIP #3 use pretty napkins and decoupage glue to create beautiful patterned banner sections

string on your sections and space evenly

TIP #4 A Banner Tab: add a strip of paper to the string with 2 holes pierced into the lower half to thread your string, then position your section onto the lower half and fold over the top half and glue down. This stays in place and doesn't slide - cool!

Add a decoration, here I used my new BUTTERFLY Punch
TIP #5 Use a pencil to help tie your string's knots, and I always add a drop of glue to really secure!

Be sure to check out my next post on a healthy dessert - yes, healthy and tasty!

If you liked my projects, you can vote for me - I'm NUMBER 7- at

this is me!  

And while you're there, check out the other talented bloggers participating. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge 2015 - Part A CARDS

Hello Everyone!! 
Canada is turning a glorious 148  years old - still a baby!!! And our flag as it looks now, is 50!
I hope you have decided to celebrate in your own way on July 1rst ....I'm hearing plans kicking around to do BBQ's, fireworks, getting just kicking back a bit.  If my day goes as planned, we'll picnic. And give anyone who will be working on Canada Day a nod, they deserve it! 

My dog won't know anything is different other than she has some tasty treats coming her way :)

Other ways to celebrate include:
 Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge

I have taken up the challenge and decided to make 2 styles of a little fancy and one more simple!
And here they are....ta da!

#1 Fancy Canada Day Card
It's made using a variety of Paper Garden's cardstock

Aura Solar White, cover weight =  card base, white
Nesting Dies *
 Poptone Wild Cherry =  red fancy background,  San Francisco Die 
Star Dream Crystal Metallic = white center -  Basic Frame A Die 
Aura Solar White =  white leaf sprigs - Lorelai Leaf Outline Die
Star Dream Jupiter Metallic = red flower - Sophia Flower Punch 
Star Dream Crystal Metallic = white flower

I did not have a " Canada " stamp of any kind, so I thought I'd hand-write my message!  Right? An inside, I did have a good greeting to go out to my friend -  have a " great day " indeed!!!!

[* Nesting Dies are part of Sue Wilson's California Collection]

 #2 Simple "eh?" Canada Day Card

Well, I finally got to use my Spellbinder's Maple Leaf die other than for thanksgiving cards! But what really got me excited was the chance to use our colloquial phrase " eh? " as my heading, haha!!!  I mean unless you send out alot of invitations for Canada Day, its not too often you'd use this, eh?

So its really a simple, simple card....hardly needs explaining :)  
Supplies are Paper-Garden's cardstock: 
Basic Red Matte, cover weight  = card base, red
Aura Solar White, cover weight = maple leaf, white + letters................then glitter, of course ;)

How-ever......I did NOT stop here......look further to Part B as I show how I made a BANNER, and a cool and yummy healthy {gasp!} dessert for your CANADA DAY CELEBRATION - even if you celebrate alone, do it in style, lol.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Make a Glittery Valentine Card with Packing Tape!

My Valentine Card using embossing and a glittery heart made using masking tape.

Please scroll to post's end to view Challenges for Valentine's if you're interested.  

Hello, hope you are visiting my blog from some sunny part of the world because it is cold beyond belief here - brrrrr!   However, I "warmed" up my spirit playing around with lots and lots of techniques and fun ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day this year!  

One technique I have never tried till now was to make a take a small strip of clear packing tape and douse it with glitter - it looked so fun to do - and it was!  Give it a try. 

 Create an opening cut out of  piece of cardstock using your preferred method [punch, die-cut, scissors] and back it with a strip of clear packing tape and then sprinkle dry glitter over the exposed sticky tape and in seconds you have a cool glittery accent :)


I first played around with embossing folders and inks. I simply swiped different ink colours over embossed cream cardstock, and for this card I chose to work with the Moroccan Cuttlebug Embossing Folder.

I really love the random strokes of colour paired with the smoky brown ink!

I then took a heart die and cut out my heart and then backed the heart-shaped opening with the tape

I choose to make a custom colour of glitter by combining orange and red glitter with a wee bit of white to get a peachy-shade. This is also fun to do - its like playing at being a kid again :), and as I mentioned earlier shook the glitter all over the heart shape where it stuck to the exposed sticky tape. Using my fingertips, I pressed the glitter down and shook off the loose glitter...looks great, its more pretty in person, trust me. 

Afterwards I matted my embossed-glittered piece.  Now my peach card base was prepped by embossing using the Script Cuttlebug Folder, and laying down ribbon. Because the ribbon ends might show through the heart, I die cut another heart out of white cardstock and placed it down where it would match up with the glittered heart....hope that makes sense!   I mounted the card front to the base using 3D foam dots. 

I added accents of copper stickers [key, corners] and a ribbon bow, twine and gems.

Voila - I really like how the card came together....and in fact, I do not have a key die but I've decided I liked the heart/key combination so much I will have to buy one! 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Inks [Memento, Stampin' Up!], various cardstock, Cuttlebug Embossing Folders, glitter, foil stickers,
satin ribbon, twine, Heart Framelits die, clear packing tape, foam tape, foam dots, glue dots, Big Shot


Friday, January 9, 2015

January Birthday Card feat DIY Ribbon Candle

Hey crafters!

Winter is certainly upon us here in Canada now after having a non-white Christmas season! Today being a pretty cold, cold day and yet - its a bit better than Weds was - lordy that was cold!!!

For all you out there - please help our urban wildlife, toss them some food if you can!  And provide helpful guidance to any ill-informed or naive pet owner to not leave their pets outside - if its too cold for  us, its too cold for them!

OK - a change in colour is one of my priorities in January - BAM -  right away I put away all the past Holiday decorations and start bringing out whites plus some cheery colour!  Its sort of a minor catharsis I think, to purge out the emotional remnants of participating through Thanksgiving to New Year's celebrations. I know women play out the bulk of the preparations for this often leading to a huge release when its all over. Clear the decks!

So right away this year, we had a birthday to consider and blue and orange seemed a perfect colour combo to accompany the brighter days of a January winter!  

Still on a multi-fold kick for my cards, and I chose TURQUOISE and ORANGE as my colours for a RIBBON CANDLE card!  And of course, white as its clean and refreshing.  The DIY Candle is one of my fav tricks for birthday cards.  Simple to do but it takes a wee bit of labour. Great way to use your stash of ribbon too - always a good thing :)

Have ready: bamboo skewer; sheet of school paper; white, plus 2  preferred colours of medium to heavy cardstock; narrow ribbons in co-ordinating colours; glitter{flakes or regular}; birthday greeting stamp; white gel pen; paints{for candle and for flame}; white glue (or hot glue gun) and double-sided adhesive tape; routine crafting tools.  Optional: diamond-shape gem accent {for candle flame}.

Here's what I did.....

1. Layered turquoise and orange cardstock onto the center and side panels of the folded white base card. [ Optional: ink the edges of the layers first ]
As per my usual preference, I've left a small 1/8 in. white border around the coloured cardstock. Adhered with double-sided adhesive tape.
TIP: secure the 'center' turquoise panel well because it needs to support the most weight when the ribbon candle is attached.

2. Created " candle " by cutting a thin bamboo skewer into an appropriate length and rolling the skewer with a strip of regular lined school paper.  (Helpful: a strip of glue tape down the center of the paper aids in tightly rolling up the skewer.) (( And why not complete 2 candles and set one aside for another project.)

Once paper is on, I painted each with SPUN SUGAR Distress Paint from Ranger.  Immediately while the paint is still wet, I rolled them in pink glitter flakes....pretty!  Leave them to dry on a protected surface.

3. Create a " candle flame " - which I conveniently cut with a thin die from a birthday candle die set or cut freehand.  Covered with gold paint and a dash of silver glitter. You may wish as I did to squish a gem accent into the wet paint to help emphasize the flame's glow. Set aside.

4.  Tie a series of  narrow ribbons around candle body. Use in decreasing size and in which ever pleasing fashion as I did. Its adequate to tie one knot as you will use white glue {or a hot glue gun} to secure the candle in place.  Leave knot facing the front of the candle.

5. Secure both candle flame and ribbon candle to center panel - centering and adjusting each piece together to fit.  Use a strong adhesive [ white glue or hot glue or similar.]  secure.

TIP: this will make the card front "heavy" - I added 2 layers of cardstock to the back panels of the card to help balance the weight. The folds should help, but its best to make the card stand well on its own beforehand.

I also used a white gel pen to add candle flame glow lines - is that a correct term? :) AND couldn't help it, but I scribbled glitter glue around the edges. Why not!

 6. Create a stamped greeting and attach to a convenient spot. Make sure it won't interfere with the card being inserted into an envelope [unless you don't mind extra postage if you are mailing the card in a larger envie!].

7. FINALLY, I know with this design, the only place to write a few lines is on the back. So I added some playful squiggle drawings, and glitter in a not-too-fussy manner before a written message was added.

And there you have it!  I think its darling. I'd like getting one in the mail, wouldn't YOU?

*If you place the address on the envelope before inserting card - it makes life much easier, lol.

Thanks for reading my post and looking at this project - here's to a lovely 2015 ahead and congrats to those who have birthdays in JANUARY!!!!!!!!!! 

Cheers :)

Challenge Entries

  1. Clear it Out Challenge Jan 6-2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Holiday Card for Dog Lovers

Heh ho, Happy New Year!

I have a one more holiday card project I didn't post earlier and would like to before I forget :)

This card was made for a young Rescue Dog Foster Parent who selflessly works to provide loving care to dogs waiting to be adopted.  Her name is Phillipa - hi Phillipa if you're reading this - and early in 2014 she was the Foster Parent to our little Maggie and has and is helping other dogs. Phillipa also has a career, and so you can imagine what a blessing it is that people like Phillipa are willing to help when we desperately need help for rescued animals - kudos to her !!!

So I thought this was a cute card to make her this holiday, because Phillipa is also in to providing home-cooked meals for the dogs and I could just imagine her baking them dog treats!

The stamp sets are: Ellie Loves to Bake by Your Next Stamp and A Cute Christmas by Stampin' Up!(discontinued).  Coloured with Copic markers and a Prism pencil (turquoise) on 100 lb white paper. I used a Fiskars Border Punch which was a tad hard to punch through a thick paper, but did it!

All together I think its really cute!

Please consider 
Animal Rescue: Adopt or Donate

If you would care to help with providing for or adopting a Rescue Dog or Cat, please follow this 
All efforts are deeply appreciated. 
Thank you.

On a personal note, we have adopted 2 pets now and its been a very rewarding experience. The preparation involved is amply rewarded a thousand times over with the love that the new pet returns to you when the bonding period is developed and completed.  There is inadequate words to describe the blessed souls that these animals are :)  Thank you for reading this.