Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tips for Dogs and Holiday Fireworks

Hi guys!

Thought I'd better do another animal post today as its been awhile :)  

Today I came across a message about tips regarding pet dogs and attending a fireworks event.  I have to admit that this is not something I have ever thought about, but discovering that some family pets have been lost as a result of running away from fireworks, I thought I would share what I learned.

SUMMER HOLIDAY FIREWORKS - its LOUD, its CROWDED - so the advice is to NOT take them along as the noise really scares them. If you have and they are not on a leash or confined, they can bolt and continue to run, run, run away!

Here's what they're saying:
      1) Do NOT take pets along to July 1rst or 4th firework festivities
      2) Leave your pets at home in a quiet, secured, escape-proof area
      3) Do not leave them outside
       4) Indoors - drown out the sounds of fireworks by turning up the tv volume
       5) If you have gone away, leave them with someone who knows how to deal with panicked behaviour
       6) Do NOT SCOLD the pet - they are already afraid, but Do NOT CODDLE them either which
            reinforces the fear
Distract your dog {or any pet affected} - play ball, tug-a-war with their fav rag toy, anything to keep them from worrying about the mysterious loud noises!   I think I will try this for my pet when our next THUNDERSTORM happens - Pepper always gets very nervous!

 IF you DO bring along your beloved  pet - remember pets must be wearing an ID Tag.
 AND, IF your dog is not skiddish around fireworks, its still advised to keep keep them on a leash or secured in a container just because if they bolt, their instinct is to continue to run (from the confusion of a loud, crowded area)!

Sources: Hadlock Veterinary Clinic, ASPCA

Hope you all enjoy a safe summer - be safe with pets and if you see someone who is not aware that their pet could be suffering from heat, or other them out!