Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To all the dear Mom's, Nana's, Great-Grandma's....and those who step up to take on the role of Moms - Happy Mother's Day!!!

I was raised by a host of people before my Father single-handedly took over the responsibility himself after retiring from a long career in the Canadian Army.  So my 'Mom' was Mommy Crandall, the wife of Daddy Jim Crandall - long-time friends of my dad and who helped raise me from infancy till I was 3. Thereafter, Mommy and Daddy Jim remained in my life, and frankly, Mommy Crandall was every bit a Mom that I could of wished for!  Generous, with an infectious laugh and a very strong woman.  I think of her quite alot.

I also must recognize my 3 Aunts for their roles as surrogate Moms!  They took a beloved interest in my life and while distance and full-time careers made it difficult initially for long visits, they did the most extraordinary things....such as the time I spotted them watching me from outside the park's pool fence - the whole time I played. And I played all afternoon while they stood in their summer dresses, neat white shoes and purses and pill hats carefully minding that I came to no harm.

There were a few more memorable people who played a part in my growing up - and I have great memories of each and every one.

So my Mother's Day card simply states a quiet " Thank You " and carries an image of a woman who could represent any angelic lady, soft yet strong.

I have added texture to my Certainly Celery cardstock using an Anna Griffin Embossing Folder, Acanthus. It's such a pretty and bold design. I only use it on Tab 2 of my Multi-platform for the Big Shot because it can press so deep that it can cut the paper. But of course, thinner paper might not, so try out what works best for every brand of cardstock.

Next, the stamp design is called Deco Lady from Stampendous. This image works so well in so many different ways - I love it!  I have yet to show a card I did when I first got it - but it was done in a darker and more dramatic effect than the soft treatment I have done today colouring with chalks and light colour markers. 

I cut her and her pink frame using my new Stampin' Up OVAL Framelits. Accents are from: my Persian Accents Spellbinder dies; Butterflies from a Martha Stewart Punch; leaves from my SU Bird Punch.

My ribbon is old, purchased as an enormous roll at a rummage sale. Its on the thin side, so I " pulled " two threads down the middle which twisted the ribbon. After tying off knots on each end of the desired length I taped it to my card with sturdy double-sided tape. 

Well, I hope you like my card today, and thank you for stopping by :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


A lovely lady at our church, Glen Ayr has need of  ' Thank You ' cards.  She asked me for two and I thought   I would try to make them cheerful to go along with this time of year.

Here they are...

I always love the look of white background cards - something so simple and sweet about them. 

 Butterfly Thank You Card

Pretty coral pattern paper paired with white.  The background is embossed with Stampin' Up!'s Clouds Embossing Folder. As well, my greeting is stamped and punched with their Scallop Oval and Oval Punches.
The Butterfly Punch is a EK SUCCESS while the tiny butterfly is from a Martha Stewart Butterfly Trio Punch.

My real fun came by creating a decorative HEART pin using a simple sewing pin and a white plastic ' heart ' bead!  After sliding on the heart bead onto the red-topped pin, I trimmed off the sharp point of the pin using my old trusty tough scissors {or craft pliers} and then I wrapped some red crochet thread and glued it's end down. Voila - so pretty tucked into a ribbon! You can also add a touch of sparkle or glow by placing a gem or pearl on the heart bead as I did. 


I truly forget where I saw the inspiration for this, but I thought the mixing of patterns for jazzing up a simple shape like a heart was so wonderful yet easy!!! 

Hearts punched in ' half ' and pieced back together!


Choose patterns that share a colour theme - I went with pinks and blue-greens. And don't be afraid of mixing patterns: plaids with florals/stripes, etc. It seems the more crazy you make it - the better it looks!  I think its safe to say that the rule-of-thumb is to keep the 'spirit' of your choices similar. No dark moody gungy pattern paired with a bright sweet floral - I could be wrong, but you learn along the way what works and does not !

I made several hearts punched from different cardstock sheets and then I cut them in half. Afterwards, I had fun "experimenting" with patching heart halves together!   I've more left-over so I can do another card fast!

Add a simple "Thank You Greeting" to the center. Colourful brads 
really seem to add a nice dimension

Verdict: fun, easy and sure to please!

Option: you could stitch along the seam of the two hearts
with contrasting thread!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Hello - My Daughter GRADUATES, my dog Pepper and musings of a crafter.

HELLO, hello!

Whew its been awhile since I've posted - spring has brought so many things to do along with it!

I am glad to say that everything seems good - with one particular important milestone:

 I'll be doing more posts to do with this 'huge' event in our lives later on because I am going to make lots of celebration crafts to decorate our home for the days leading up to Graduation Day - and - I have some wicked projects in development.....some little memento  for my daughter's sake. So come back for those please :)

So while I am having a lovely spring, there have been no shortage of other less-than-desirable outcomes. I've experienced 'foot problems' which involved trips to emergency [where the upside was a handsome British x-ray technician], alot of resting with your feet propped up high, long-awaited visit to specialist, buying all sorts of specialty items {$$$}- can't emphasize enough how lovely it is to buy sandals to wear with an ankle brace to just add that fashion flare, lol!  Ah the fun never ends!

 Luckily there's been some wee bit of  buying craft products to off-set boring mobility aids. I've gotten dies - DIES - and more dies!!!  Some nice stamps, and lovely cardstock.  Ribbons, buttons, fibers, paints, GLITTER, flowers, and PUNCHES!  I am finding leaf and butterfly are staples in the craft world where you can't have too many!!!  And for the first time - ever - I am getting a SEAHORSE die!  How fun will that be!!!

So  I have been busy - almost too much as I had to balance craft playtime and my other obligations, so I haven't had the time to blog about it.

But coming up next are a few of my latest crafts - not all - as I am one of those people who craft on a project then move on to the beginning of another....serious concentration issues, lol.




What a little nut-ball, he jumped threw the bars and promptly discovered the leash is only so long, ha ha!  How disappointing....look at that face {which is dappled by the sun}!  Awww....!  

When Pepper sees another dog walk by, he wants to go say hello. Often dogs and their owners stop
and they have  a little chat and the dogs muzzle each other through the bars.  We will let him out to meet 
them up close....but Pepper left to his own devices, will and does - get 'out' .  I have put up a string until I can find a more pretty solution without cutting off his view. 

 He loves our patio :)