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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turning Birdhouse into Haunted House fit for a Party!

Hi crafters!

Have you SEEN some of the prices for Halloween items like spooky houses?  Well, after deciding I wasn't going to spend $40-$50 for one at a certain store who shall remain nameless, I went home and rummaged through my storage till I found an old blue + white  b i r d h o u s e .  Giving it a look-over, I realized it would make a cool haunted house!!!

So - - here I am beginning, and while I am not done {have to run out to buy some orange buttons! and maybe a spider or two}...I can show you what I have accomplished so far!

Birdhouse purchased on sale. Very much what I need to create a spooky house!

First - my BEFORE PICTURE!    Here's the birdhouse the way I purchased it - on sale, 70% off - sweet!

 Now I DID PAINT IT and basically EMBELLISH IT to transform  it into a cool HAUNTED HOUSE - here's how!

You will need: black and colour paint - use Halloween colours.  Water and saucer. Cheap Artist Brushes.

1. Paint it black on the roof. I am leaving it non-shiny, or 'matte' looking.
2. Paint the house itself, and I painted mine PURPLE!  Not lovely-liliac purple, but real deep purple!
    But - here is the trick!   After the first coat of purple, take some black paint and water it down a tiny bit - not runny, but just thinner!  Now take a brush and paint it around the edges - and crevices - basically where the shadows fall!  And be sloppy!  You don't need a nice straight edge - but a "creepy" edge - so just slop it on fairly quickly.   Now - blend it towards the purple - or conversely, paint some purple (watered down) back towards but I prefer to paint the black in feathery strokes {again, don't be neat} towards the body of the house.
3. Paint the steps, edges black and then some strips of purple paint over top - so you get a bit of both in streaks!


Now - the fun part - GLITTER!!!!

You will need a pan, old container, white school glue, black + matching colour glitter for the paint colour you are using, old 1" or small brush.

4. Mix a half-half mix of white glue + water! Use an old saucer or throw out plastic bowl, lid, anything.
5.  Get some glitter ready - I am using PURPLE.
6. Using a sponge brush, or a wide paint brush - quickly smooth over the glue mix over the house - DO IT IN SECTIONS - and then, shake your COLOUR GLITTER  [such as my purple] all over the wet glue section, and tip off the excess glitter into the pan.  Pat it slightly with your fingertips so the glitter becomes really stuck. REPEAT all over the house body - not the roof. Unless you want it glittered everywhere.
Let dry.
7 Now - the BLACK GLITTER - go back and brush the glue into the 'shaded' areas and sprinkle on the black glitter, pat and let dry.

Here is my purple painted glittered house. Note the crevices are painted with black and black glitter. 


OK - this is where I am at this stage - I am NOT DONE - but I will continue this week!  I am having guests over for a Halloween Cupcake Decorating Party - along with my home-made Pumpkin Ice Cream! So it has to be on the table!!!

I decided buttons were the easiest place to start!  So I brought out the glue gun and found some black buttons.  I am " winging it " as far as placing the buttons on -  there is no one way to do this - feel free!

You can place some glitter inbetween the buttons. 

I will need a trip to the store to get some green and orange buttons - worthy of Halloween! 
Next - buttons of another sort - ROSETTE BUTTONS made from paper and brads, glitter, etc. 
Using a small section of craft papers, I scored strips of paper, and folded them accordian-style, wrapped them into circles and attaching them to a back support - and there I have a bunch of them!

And a cool trick!   Using Martha Stewart's Vine Branch Punch - I made some climbing vines!  After the first one or two which I glued to the house - I made a second set of them where I trimmed them to make the vines more "creepy"! 
All you do is trim off some parts, and clip other parts to make them pointy or claw-like! 

See the difference?

Instant Vines!  

And the edge of the roof is trimmed with adhesive-backed, velvet scroll ribbon tape - whew, what a line! But that is what it is....see - 

Not the easiest thing to do, I must say!  But if you want it to have a cool effect, some times we must suffer, lol!

Dressing it up with the Paper Rosettes!  

And HERE IT IS!   So far anyways!  

Meanwhile - - see if you can quess what I plan to do with it!

It's a branch I found this spring!  I have cleaned it and chipped away at it with my rug cutter.. 
....hmm what can it be????   


Invite some friends over then get ready with easy-to-do party preparations!
First I set the mood with some decorating....bring out the Halloween decorations and a candle here,
a witch there, some lights - voila!  

To add to the experience, whip up some candy boxes using our Stampin' Up! Candy Box die 
for the Big Shot. Just don't forget to add some treats inside, lol!

Allow your guests to have a role in decorating their own cake or cupcakes!
It is super easy to purchase a basic ready-made cake or cookies for all that matters, 
and provide some decorating supplies yourself. 

Here are the winning results the ' girls ' did!


To be honest, I had already made the orange paper ROSETTES much earlier!  
It pays to make something like these because you know you can always use them somewhere. 
The branch was painted gold and the rosettes were in pairs with the branch between each set. A 
final attention to detail was to add some decoration to most of their centers! But the 'tree' is
background to the house and adds some nice height to the whole table!

Well, we had a very lovely time of it -  homemade pumpkin ice cream and all the candy we
could stuff (well, you know what I mean, lol) 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

World Card Making Day 2011

Hi everyone!

Here's this year's edition for WCMD - 2011!  Enjoy!

For all the details - please visit my OTHER BLOG HERE

Hope you had a great day! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A sweet Songbird needed compassion and received it!

A little sweetie of a songbird left us today. I feel somewhere between sad and glad.  Sad it had to be 'put down' graciously with the help of our local TORONTO WILDLIFE CENTRE and glad that we helped it when it needed some.

Yesterday when I went to walk Pepper - a little tiny roundish "ball" was sitting on the sidewalk in front of our building.  A set of sisters were standing nearby looking at it and I stopped {with Pepper off to one side}...and in the next second, a man stopped too. So there we all were and the little ball was a tiny, wee yellow breasted bird - clearly a baby too. It was sitting there surrounded by us giants, and was quiet.

For a minute, none of us knew what to do. Finally, the man picked it up by its wing (not reccommended!) and put it in the small hedge near the sidewalk - where it would be safer. Then we all sort of went on. I made a mental note to check on it.

Hours later that day, I came home with my daughter, we went towards the bush - I was hoping it had managed to fly off but we could hear it loudly calling and it was sitting still near the same spot. It tried to move its wings but it seemed helpless. I know we have racoons that come by nearly every night - and I have seen what they do to small birds!  So I told my daughter, we have to take it in and over to somewhere.

I went upstairs, and having rescued many animals in my day - I chose a shoe box and made air holes, lined it with some paper towel and grabbed a soft washcloth and small potholder and scurried back down. In a few minutes, it was safe up in our apartment. I could see that its one eye was damaged - it looked as though the eyelid had shut over it, and one leg seemed bad. But it calmed down when we put the box in a safe, dark spot in our storage room.

Of course - by now, it was past 6 pm and a Friday. WHERE TO GO - WHAT TO DO?

By checking online, we found the TORONTO WILDLIFE CENTRE and read that it might be a bird that accidentally hit a window.

WE CALLED THEIR HOTLINE - 416-631-0662 and as they say, a hotline member called back about 40 mins later. 

After a few questions about its appearance - in their effort to identify the bird and its age {if they are not equipped to deal with the animal in question, they re-direct you to another resource} and a quick consultation - the hotline member asked for us to bring the bird in right away in the morning!  It might have a head trauma (considering the eye!) and in the meantime, she gave us instructions on its care - not to give it FOOD & WATER - DON'T ASSUME IT'S SAFE TO DO! The bird can actually be hurt by swallowing/intake of water under its hurt condition!!!

After a short period in the dark - the bird fell asleep!  We were tickled pink! And I took that to be a good sign!!!!  All through the night, we checked on it and it was perched upright on one of the potholders that I had since put in the box, and it was breathing and asleep.

Here it is perched safely in its home -made from a shoe box 
and tucked away on a shelf in our quite storage room - safe, dry, dark and quiet - a must
to enable it to calm down.  Apparently if it has a concussion, blood can build up and
put pressure on its brain. By having a quiet spot to rest - the pressure will
ease up.  So much involved with a bird's anatomy that it requires a real expert!
Do try to get them to one. 

Build a temporary home from a shoe box - air holes in the lid - we put about 30 of them about the diameter of a pencil. Plus our shoe box had 2 small openings on the side. 
A soft place to sit on the bottom - and possibly if its for longer, to be able to change if  soiled.
NO FOOD or DRINK till you have had expert advice - if the bird is sick, it could make 
things worse.  

Isn't it adorable - wish we had asked if it was a boy or girl!
We called it Henry because we thought it could be a Henrietta that way too.

Sweetness !


We don't have a car. And that sucks kinda at times like this. And our friend had to go to work next morning - and it was a fair distance from where we live to Downsview. But checking with my assisted transport service {for wheelchair users Wheel Trans} - I discovered that the centre was near YORKDALE MALL - and I was able to book a ride there and home. Once at the mall, my daughter took a taxi with the bird and delivered it promptly for 9 am. I was asked to call and tell them when we were on our way to assure them that we were indeed coming.

DIAGNOSIS - the bird, sadly, was in rough shape - and the injury to its eye had advanced. Had we found the bird when it first was injured, they might of been able to do more but it was a baby, and normally, a baby that has been lost from its home - can survive because they can hop around and get by until they can fly.

But they need both eyes to gauge things - and so our sweetie we came to know, had to be put to sleep.

We weren't happy, and it felt sort of like that sunken feeling you get when something goes the wrong way.

The staff at the centre had also told me initially - that they OFFER SERVICE that is intended to SAVE THE ANIMALS versus other clinics who do not have the resources to keep animals, and have to resort to euthanizing them.  THEREFORE THEY REALLY NEED THE DONATIONS TO HELP PROVIDE THE CENTRE!!
They were compassionate and had been so helpful - and we appreciated that very much.

While my daughter was there, another man had brought in a very injured seagull - he had it in a large box. I can imagine how many animals meet with disaster and need our help.

We feel that we gave a sweet little thing a restful night - it would of sat outside probably exhausted from being on guard, crying out loud. At least it slept well and had its last night in a safe spot.

Of course, I made a card because I - well, just do!  I might be able to donate some to the centre who can give them to donors or their volunteers as a note of appreciation.

Card Front

Thank You Greeting with room for Organization's Message
and Multiples of Card

My 'bird' checking out my collection!

A Holiday Version - note the detail on envelope!

Jolly Bingo Bits Stamp Set - soooo much fun! Combinations are endless :)

Tiny detail of glitter on edge and gem stone embellishment (blue).


 [picture of the cute baby GOLDFINCH is from the blog called: THE BLOGGED SINK - very funny and has nice poems! ]

ADDED NOTE -  a friend SUE told me of her experience with the same organization!  Her injured bird was a DOVE and it made through ok thanks to the TWC, and here is the other nice thing - they called her weeks later to ask her if she'd like to come and be present when they released the bird !!!  HOW NICE IS THAT!!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's some tags I made using the MY FRIEND stamp set.  The floral stems and the hello greeting are lovely, don't you think?
I misted the tags and decided to treat some white fabric flowers with the same dye - and I then rolled the flowers up tightly and there they are!  

It's fun to mist and dye things - lots of fun!

I made the mist by adding a half-half solution of pharmaceutical alcohol and water to a mini-mister, then adding drops of ink refill [here in a deep pomengranate-red].  It does stink at first due to the alcohol, but that evaporates anyways {it does keep the solution fresh in the bottle though} and everything is fine when the object dries.  If you do it on paper - mist lightly at first - if you come up too close and mist, you may also get 'droplets' - which can be useful for a different 'look'!  
Also spray on a very covered surface - I save and use ol' wrapping tissue which I spread out on the floor. Even that can be interesting if you make things with tissue! 

Have a lovely week-end! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turn your Scraps into Playful Notes of Appreciation - Give Thanks to Those Around You!

A little idea and a need came together with fun results lately....

Musing about my loads of scraps - again - I came up with the thought that I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak!

Since I have been wanting to express my gratitude to those who I see on a regular basis - and whose jobs do  not allow them to receive tips, I thought " Great!  I can make a group of Thank You Notes - AND - in a nice, summer-y fashion! "

So hoping to brighten up someone's day, I made little notecard after notecard - and it went amazingly fast!
How so you ask?
Well...because if you, rather playfully - without pre-conceived notions - slap together your scraps onto notes of all sizes and shapes - in other words, just wing it!  You will have notecard after notecard in no time!

Stick to scraps which reflect the season too, and its just a fun exercise!  I spent two mins. tops on each one and then a bit putting on some bling.

Here is a sample of the notecards I made for my coffee friends who serve me up coffee day in, and day out!
[only one card had to be a little less "butterfly-ish" as it was for a young man!]

Anyways - THEY WERE WELL RECEIVED - little faces of surprise and pleasure from this simple gesture.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happiness Always Card

It's time for a card for my dear Aunt Elsie!  At her lovely age of 97, I want to send as many cards as I should.

I turned again to using my Stampin' Up! Designer Series Papers - they are always reliable for making your handmade projects look as nice as can be!  You receive 12 papers - 2 of each of the 6 double-side designs!  They really go a long way if you are using the papers for different sized projects, or whether you are strictly using them for scrapbooking - just as they are!

Here I am using one of the pretty floral patterns in BEYOND THE GARDEN DSP - with the delicious colours of Wild Wasabi, Melon Mambo, Daffodil Delight, Tangerine Tango and one of my favs, Pacific Point - I always lean towards those ocean blues!  You can find the papers on page 23 of our SUMMER MINI CATALOGUE effective until Aug 31rst!

OK!  I wanted to allow the Designer Paper's patterns to do most of the design - and focus on ACCENTS! I have in my arsenal, a collection of pretty pastel sequins which I have owned for ages, I kid you not, it must be 6 years or more!
So I grabbed needle & thread, my sequins, and all supplies and headed to the coffee shop where I have my favourite table....and in the time it took me to have a coffee, I was done.

I stitched the sequins onto the Beyond the Garden paper of choice, in a pleasant manner near the top right side.  I already had chosen my 'g r e e t i n g ' which said: "Happiness Always" and stamped it in co-ordinating colour, Melon Mambo and punched it out with our DECORATIVE LABEL Punch!

As well I brought along two lengths of ribbon in Marina Mist and Regal Rose - they are close enough to the colours in the pattern!

Finally, I poked a series of holes along the edges for a more subtle accent on the Garden Green CARD BASE.

Now as I was photographing the card, I could see another recently-made card off to the side shelf.  Hmmm, same papers - so I brought it over to show a comparison of the two patterns from the BEYOND THE GARDEN Designer Series Patterns {if you look - the background of these photos is another pattern from the same collection!}


That's when I noticed, I had used the SAME GREETING but in slightly different styles!!!  I didn't even notice this till now, lol!  The funny thing is, I stamped the greetings away from home at another person's place, so how funny that I didn't notice it then!

The last greeting in pink, is from the current STAMPIN' UP! SUMMER MINI - the last page, and its in the stamp set HAPPY GREETINGS!

Now I also know, and this I did notice - is that the 'same' greeting is also in another size, slightly smaller from last years Mini Catalogue!  So I guess that means there are 3 versions! 

Don't know why that fascinates me - just does, lol!


Crafternoons Friends!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Note - this is not to my regular readers, but today, my tote bag was stolen from my wheelchair at the mall.


IF YOU ARE READING MY BLOG - I WOULD ASK YOU TO DROP OFF MY TOTE BAG TO THE SECURITY OFFICE - say whatever you like, but I could use my only copy of my working catalogue back.

I can not even begin to understand why on earth you feel the need to take from a wheelchair - you would think that the person in the wheelchair - obviously - is at a disadvantage.   But you did.  So
DO THE RIGHT THING and RETURN IT.  My small change - keep it, makes you feel better.

Honestly - if you need stuff so bad that you need to steal - try just asking for help!  We'd be just as likely to give you help than for you to have to steal.


Monday, June 13, 2011

2-Step Owl Punch Stampin' Up! It's the little things!

I have a confession.

I have owned a wall decor item for-ever and ever.  I believe I was somewhere between 16 and 20 when I received this as a gift, a...oh, what do you call gifts from travels?   Its on the tip of my tongue - memento, no...a gift that we give when we go away and we bring everyone close to us a small gift from our vacation - we all have had that happen.

Well, my confession is that I didn't really like it so much. NOT the idea - no, I treasured the thoughtfulness that my Aunt included me in her offering; but I really didn't like the 'design' of the gift so much.  I am not sure why not - its a pretty design, but I think its the frame.   Here it is.

It looks nice on my orange coloured walls of my stamp room - but over the years since I was really young, it just didn't seem to go with anything I owned. And it was really a strong and striking piece - I tried many times to find just the right spot and failed many times as well.  Just one of those things. So I felt guilty and often hung it up in some inconspicuous spot or regretfully left it in a drawer.

Well - no more!

Thankfully, it has found a spot in my stamping room with a slight difference!

Yep - a little pixie of an owl in all pink is there all right!  Now, I love it!
I guess it just needed a touch of cuteness to make it more to my taste!

My aunt Elsie is now turning 98 years old - can you believe that she still lives on her own - with no assisted living besides her neice who kindly helps out with shopping? 
Amazing and she is the last of her siblings, so I knew them all of course, and it never occurred to me to think who would make it to the last of their generation, but Aunt ELsie has, God Bless Her. 
And I am always going to have a little smile when I see this now - more than ever! 


Father's Day Card - #1 Sheriff in Town!

Lasso up a card for this coming FATHER'S DAY!

Hey guys and gals who need to conjure up the perfect card for that special 'DUDE' - rootin' tootin' fan of the old westerns - fan of John Wayne?  Or the new cowboys of the rodeo today?

Well - if you just want to let DAD know he's #1 - this card ought to do that!

I was thinking of how to represent the ol west when I didn't have any cowboy stamps per se, nothing western at all - zip, nada!  Then I thought that the Sheriff's Badge would be easy enough to make if you broke it down to basic parts - basically, its a circle with pointy triangles, nes pa?

So that is what I did!

1) first I cut me a circle with our 1-3/4 inch CIRCLE PUNCH.

2) make them thar pointy parts!

         To Make Triangles for the Sheriff's Star Badge

  •          cut a strip of cardstock twich as wide  than the length of your points, and about 6 inches in length
  •          score a half-way line down the center of the length
  •          then draw a series of large X's across the entire width of the cardstock - make the width of each equal to the width of your desired point - you'll see the 'points' emerge as you draw, one on top and one on the bottom half of the cardstock, with the pointed tips meeting at the center, and           alternating with the outside edge - you'll see! After, cut out those 'triangles' - make sure you           have enough for the Texas Star shape - 5 tips but it can also have 6 tips!
  •           When done cutting the triangles - score each one down its center length.
3) Map out where the points go on your star - around the circumference of the circle - I practiced, and then glued each triangle to the back of the circle.

4) Optional - but interesting to add # 1 to the newly-formed Sheriff's Badge!   I cut mine from some scrap of foil lining from a chocolate box - shiny is good!

5) Mount your star on a background of cardstock - but let's make it interestin' Dudes and Dudettes!  Choose our Vintage Embossing Folder to give it that stylized Western scroll look - they used to have these fancy-smancy designs on their rifles/guns/badges - buckles!  Even leather was embossed in them thar days!  LAYER this all on to the CARD FRONT.

6) Embellish friends!
 Add a Lasso - and you can even lasso up a touch of 'love' while yer at it!
    To Make a Lasso out of Twine
        Ok I'm a cheatin' - my lasso is in a heart shape and I threw in the word "LOVE" at the
        tail end!  On FATHER'S DAY - he deserves a 'love you' eh?  Of course!
        Gather up some twine - any twine will do, we even have some fancy-smancy type in our
        SUMMER MINI CATALOQUE with the colours of brown, or red or plain white. But 
        aw gee shucks - I didn' have any!  So basic twine it is!    
        Make a practice lasso and word, but don't cut the twine just yet - save that for last! 
        When you kinda know how it will look - grab some liquid glue like our TOMBOW GLUE
         and wind your twine into a circle at one end, and use a scrap twine to wrap around the 
         neck of the circle or " lasso" .  After, you can - optional of course - turn that lasso into 
         a bit of a heart by pushing inward at the top - just enough to form a "HEART SHAPE" - 
         dab some glue on the twine, and press it down into place on the card front.
         After that its just a matter of pressing some more glue and twine onto the card front in 
         the shape you wish - forming the letters is pretty easy I found - so go for it!  Cut end at
          where-ever your twine leaves the card. 

can you make out my word - I didn't do the best ' L ' 
but I am sure you can tell what I am expressing!
See the scores on the points?
I also inked the edges of the embossed Natural White layer - first with Daffodil Delight {yellow}, 
then with Espresso { brown }.

To make the star seem more 'Official' - I added silver brads to each point! 



Thanks for dropping by!

Next I will have a really fun project involving this:

hmmmm.......what could it be!!!!




Stampin' Up! Retiring Products Project

I feel sort of bad :(

Because now Stampin' Up! decision makers have put some  of the BIGZ XL DIES for The BIG SHOT on  chopping block !  I can only surmise its due to their lower sales value and to follow that line of logic then, we 'demos' didn't do enough to show the   ' p o t e n t i a l '  of these dies, so we share some of the blame.

So - here I am last minute trying to make up for some of that with this project!  

In my last post, I pointed out the fab talent of the designer behind the pop-up dies manufactured by Sizzix, and so I pulled out the POP-UP BIGZ XL DIE - O CHRISTMAS TREE!  and co-ordinating SIZZLIT DIE ' MERRY DETAILS ' which has several tiny decorations for the tree including a bird!

And I also pulled out the BIGZ XL ' PERFECT SETTING ' - which includes the CUPCAKE HOLDER/WRAPPER!

As for cardstock - I've chosen the retiring HOSTESS LEVEL - PATTERNS PAPER STACK which showcases the new IN COLORS of the retiring 2010-2011 IBC.

OK - I'm all set!!!!

Christmas isn't always Christmas Project
I wanted to specifically show how the CHRISTMAS TREE does not have to be limited to the holiday season of December - tho fabulous as that time is!  NAY - this baby can be used in a V-E-R-Y  whimsical way - so YAY !!

1. Chose the Tree's Cardstock - be daring!
To start I decided to have my cardstock in a  fun FOLKSY fashion by combining:
        a) different patterns from the same colour family,
  and b) by combination of a variety of prints according to their size!  

In our Pattern Packs, we have this all ready for us!  Its just a matter of choosing your colour!  The result will sort of look like a quilt project!

2. Decorate the Tree
For the smaller decorations for the tree I'm using the Sizzlit die for the bird, but I also chose to use another retired SU! punch for a small flower.
I put some willingness to throw caution to the wind and choose cardstock that by mere repetition would work on the tree - BUT - you help matters when you are a bit choosy about placement - try to strike a balance because if you rotate the tree you can see all the different angles involved.  I think I did a zig-zag placement of the first couple of flower colours - then I used the " Hearts " to ' FILL IN THE GAPS ' and help the balance overall.   It sounds more complicated than it is - besides I suspect that you can't do much to go wrong, it sort of has a way of working out its own problems if you know what I mean!   HAPPY comes in many forms - and by decorating the tree with whimsical flowers, a pair of love birds - why all that is missing is a rainbow - and I am working on that!!!

3.  Stand your Tree
This is a pop-up die, right?  RIght!  But I decided to let it sit on its own stand made of the CUPCAKE HOLDER!   Its so easy too - just cut and paste the cupcake wrapper/holder so that it can be large enough for the tree's base to plop inside the BOTTOM of the cupcake holder - yep, turn it upside down - and its a base - flower pot or circus stand, you decide~  you can decorate the cardstock before gluing, and you can use all sorts of 3D embellishments when its done - such as brads, butterflies!  What-ever tickles you!

Close-up of the 5 different 'patterns' cardstock - all in the colour ' PEAR '  and the variety of flowers and hearts I used to decorate it!  

Tree in full, with 1 bird on top center. This tree is meant to collapse, but it has a 'stand' as well.

Now lets put it on a stand made from the 'Perfect Setting' Cupcake Holder/Wrapper which is turned upside down and stamped with a subtle pattern.

Or try it in a garden green matching the tiny hearts scattered through-out!  Add a butterfly embellishment!

See the pair of love-birds - they are from the retiring Sizzlit die, Merry Details. They are so cute - I added tiny red glittery hearts cut with our 2-Step Owl Punch.  You might recall our Red Glitter Cardstock from the Christmas season?  Its been on our available list of carry-over products from the Mini Catalogues. 

Now here is how it looks in real life on your shelf - or your friend's shelf - or grandma's shelf.....cute huh?
Who wouldn't like a special tree at this time of the year?  Maybe a young girl would think fairies come and dance around it at night!!!

....or with Cupcake {Perfect Setting Bigz XL Die} stand!




.....the CHRISTMAS TREE is really a fun project - think of the challenge you can give yourself, it doesn't get boring!  
And, the PERFECT SETTING - CUPCAKE BIGZ DIE is the perfect die to make cupcakes look dressed up, jazzy and co-ordinating with your theme, OR as a little cup to put candy in for birthday it also has a matching strip to wrap around candy bars, or other items. You can explore many uses for both these dies not to mention their first intended purposes - CREATE!!!!