Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's some tags I made using the MY FRIEND stamp set.  The floral stems and the hello greeting are lovely, don't you think?
I misted the tags and decided to treat some white fabric flowers with the same dye - and I then rolled the flowers up tightly and there they are!  

It's fun to mist and dye things - lots of fun!

I made the mist by adding a half-half solution of pharmaceutical alcohol and water to a mini-mister, then adding drops of ink refill [here in a deep pomengranate-red].  It does stink at first due to the alcohol, but that evaporates anyways {it does keep the solution fresh in the bottle though} and everything is fine when the object dries.  If you do it on paper - mist lightly at first - if you come up too close and mist, you may also get 'droplets' - which can be useful for a different 'look'!  
Also spray on a very covered surface - I save and use ol' wrapping tissue which I spread out on the floor. Even that can be interesting if you make things with tissue! 

Have a lovely week-end! 

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