Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Minute No Scissors Card Challenge

Need some fun?   Sure you do!

Well, I found a way to create some spark this morning by giving myself a challenge!  Just a private me-vs-me moment I guess, lol.

Anyways, I imposed a challenge to create a card in 5 mins and using no scissors!   I whipped this together by folding and ripping my scraps, and I had a previously punched strip of pink cardstock {so maybe that's a wee cheat - I don't know???}....and before you know it, I was done!

I liked it so much, tomorrow I'll probably think of a new way to challenge myself, give it a go yourself - sometimes we just need a bit of a push, right?


Stamp from Michaels Valentine Collection 2014

Multi-Border Valentine Card with DIY RIbbon Rosette

Here's a pretty project....I created this using a few different punches and one Spellbinder's border die.  The only hard part is choosing your papers....understandable if you have a billion (ahem) sheets of untouched designer series cardstock!  But I did it by narrowing down a few sheets that seemed to go together and I have a real fondness for kraft and pink combination, so maybe it wasn't that hard, lol.

Multiple Borders created with punches, die. Handmade ribbon rosette. 

Its pretty self-explanatory, and perhaps the only real note is that I created a ribbon rosette by threading a ' wave ' pattern onto a strip of ribbon and pulled the threads so it curled up on itself.  Attach the two ends and voila - you have a rosette!  I finally got to use a brad too that has been in my collection for-evah!!! I hated to finally delve into a red pleated ribbon roll .....maybe I should titled this post - " using up your supplies"! 

handmade ribbon rosette

Another note, I " painted " the card's edges with a bit of white paint for a more shabby feel.....hey, have fun making your own!!!!

brush edges with white craft paint

Valentine's 2014.

Embossed Hearts Valentine Card

Recall my recurring theme this year is to try NEW THINGS?

I love-love-LOVE this style.. white-on-white 'embossing' with washy colourful accents "peeking out"!  It's soooo pretty!  

I am pleased to say the projects were fun to make :)  

First create a wash by dropping various ink refill colours next to one another onto a plate along with a small amount of water - *** avoid mixing the colours too much .  Have white cardstock waiting.

Next using some very simple heart foam stamps, I dipped a stamp partially into one colour and then turned the stamp and dipped another part into a second colour, and so on.  Be careful! Dipping too much may make a muddy result.

Stamp your design onto white cardstock, I stamped  an arc of hearts, masking some in the process.  The results were very rainbow-coloured indeed!


While pretty enough,  I moved onto the next stage....Clean your stamps, and re-stamp over top using Versamark Embossing Ink in an 'off-set ' manner so that the coloured hearts will "peek out".

Add  WHITE embossing powder, heat and watch the magic!

I cut my stamped hearts into a 3 x 4 mat, and together with pink and turquoise mats layered everything onto a card base and tied it all off with some pink/white baker's twine!

But it wasn't enough.

Bring in the bling!!!   I covered 'one' embossed white heart with an assortment of coloured gems, and ta da!!!  Loved it  :)

White embossing is now definitely one of my all-time favourite styles!   
Hope you all give it a try!

Alesa Baker ' LOVE ' stamp.

My new Alesa Baker Stamps and Valentine Cards

Hi - Happy February!!!

Yep, happy February - know why? Because its my birthday month (high-five), but mostly because once February is over then I know the warmer weather is-a-comin'!!!!  Super yay!!!  Honestly tho, if we survive Feb., then its clear sailing, right?

OK - I decided to make a new style of cards....because I have a well-established "look" which I developed over time but now if I am to keep on bringing joy to this hobby, then I need to learn new things.  Keep it fresh!  While I have decided to embrace the new modern, I also want to try other styles such as a homespun and/or shabby look.

While I am now in love with a few (new-to-me) designers and will draw inspiration from them, today I am talking about ALESA BAKER!  I found her stamps on Impression Obsessions website, and chose a few of her stamps to begin a new collection for Valentine projects.

I bought some of her collection that were on sale - super bonus - and they will be a smart investment as they are ' timeless '  :)

Thin Stripe Rose - Alesa Baker
Elegant Element 1 - Alesa Baker

And here is the Valentine Card I made:



1. Sponge 3 Colours of Ink onto Glossy White Cardstock.

a) Take your card made from white glossy cardstock  and set on top of your work surface. Squeeze liquid ink onto a saucer [refill ink, spray ink] and lightly dip a sponge wedge or dauber into the ink.

b) Dab the colour onto the glossy white cardstock moving around the surface leaving white spaces.  Take another colour (fresh sponge) and repeat.  Decide whether a third colour of ink is desired ....use as many colours as you care to but keep in mind, a small surface looks best with 3 colours in my opinion.

c) Let card dry sandwiched between paper towels and a heavy book set on top to allow the cardstock to dry flat ( wet cardstock can warp ).

2.  Embossed Vellum Cardstock Band  
a) take a strip of vellum and emboss a pattern onto it, attach to cardstock.  I chose Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.



3.  Crumple Pink Heart Tag 

a) I lightly sprayed a piece of  pink cardstock with water, then crumpled. In the crumpled state, I swiped my WHITE Craft Ink over it. Unfold and cut out a heart 'tag' { similiar size to the heart stamp or a wee bit bigger }

3.  "Heart Tag" with Thin Stripe Rose Stamp and Elegant Element 1.
a) Stamp Thin Stripe Rose stamp  in rosy red ink and use masking technique to stamp the Elegant Element 1 and fussy-cut both out together.

4. Combine the 2 Heart Tags together.
a) by poking 2 holes in card, and holes in each heart tag, I tied them to the card with a loop of pink yarn. Leave it so they can " move ".  You could stamp a sentiment on the pink heart tag if you wish!

5.  Attach a Fabric Rose to the Thin Stripe Rose Heart Tag.....where the stamp's rose is, I glued a small fabric rose over top.

That's it!  I really like it because its "soft" looking and I really enjoyed creating with Alesa's stamps and finding a new way to express myself.

Thanks for your visit!!!   I'll be posting more Valentine Cards, so come on back!!!!

Alesa Baker Cling Stamps:   Thin Stripe Heart, Elegant Element 1 -  Impressions Obsessions HERE, HERE
Glossy Cardstock:   Stampin' UP!
Vellum Adhesive-Backed Cardstock: retired Quickutz supply
Various Refill Inks: Stampin' UP!
Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder
Flower Rose, fabric; yarn: sewing supply (Fabricland)