Sunday, February 12, 2017

Altered Paint Brush

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post a project I did for a swap on Swap-Bot awhile ago as its a little unusual and therefore might interest someone. As you know, often us crafters will decorate anything that isn't nailed down so when I signed up for this swap, I thought "paint brush?....well, why not!"  Then as I got into it, it was fun for its challenge as it is an odd shape. There are plenty of others who feel the urge to decorate paint brushes as I found out searching for inspiration, so you just never know, right?

I bought a narrow brush mainly because I liked the colour of the bristles, they were a sort of burgandy shade. But a wider brush would give one more space to decorate. So I thought I would add a large bow on the handle to add some pizzaz and balance the over-all look. With that, I went to town and created my own metal tags, embossed snowflakes onto the freshly painted handle, made my own glitter felt to wrap around the metal part, and then topped things off with some cute gems. I cautiously hot-glued on stars to the brushes which worked out if you ever want to have a different project, try a paint brush, lol!

Hi to any visitors from Swap-Bot!   * SWAP ALERT - scroll to the bottom of this post to read on my advice regarding swaps. I have done many, but there are lessons to be learned.


Finished Altered Paint Brush
Its a little hard to see the pretty colours of burgandy and pinks. I had a hard
time photographing this one but take my word it was pretty!

Main tag made with tag maker and metal rim frames, and embellished with ribbon, 
Mr Snowman is stamped, coloured and glittered of course!

more tags!

The embellishing continues!

However, this is a cautionary tale - my efforts went un-noticed by the recipient, my 'partner' in the swap.  She also did not create and send her altered paintbrush to the partner she was assigned. This was my second of only two swaps I entered on the site Swap-Bot. They are pretty stringent about requiring participants to have established a 'rating' before accepting them into swaps. Newbies are only allowed to join in 'newbie-friendly' swaps where the organizer or Hostess arranges a swap that helps newbies to get started. 

Sadly, these people exist who take advantage of others, and at Christmas time too, so sad they feel they must act like that. So be warned, in any swap, there exists the danger that you will not be treated fairly. Usually, the Hostess is on top of things, or ought to be. There are sometimes 'Angels' who will take it upon themselves to help those who were left out, but not always. 

I have participated in craft forums for many years where this sort of thing did not happen routinely, only rarely. In larger swaps where there are not as many moderators as there are people to watch over, I imagine it can be harder to catch these swap trolls. So my final word is: try and hope for the best. I wouldn't want to not try, but if you find a forum that is too big to manage the large amount of swap trolls, find another swap forum. All the best. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Twist and Pop Card for those special times!

Boy, another NEW YEAR has arrived!  I paused to think where are the robots around the house, and my flying car?   Not yet I'm afraid, my awesome futuristic life is still around the bend.....but hey, I'll wait some more, lol.  And it looks as if I may have to still fancy solution there either. Sigh.  [actually I love my stretching routines....and at this time of year, do you notice the shift in the morning light-- the most fantastic sun shiny mornings. really its lovely].

SO!  I am still going to post some of my christmas cards  - and do you know why?  Because I didn't finish posting some of them, but I promised myself that I would do more holiday cards in preparation for next year, and darn, I'm gonna do that!  How about you - any similar plans?

Here is the most complicated card(s) I did this 2016.....following the Twist and Pop Card Technique as I learned it watching Collette Mitrega's youtube demo. (click on link to view).

During the crafting of my first card, the one pictured with the poinsettia belly band, I  made double the cardstock pieces and was able to craft a second card rather quickly.  You can see how varied you can make the card's design, use your imagination.  The cards can fit into a regular envelope but depends on how " chubby " you make them, and that also affects the postage. I pay 1.00 for a normal card according to the postal standards, but for these I had to pay 1.80.  I'm fine with that.  You should see what I pay for some oversized cards :)!

A few more photos...

Nifty how they fold up!

And then POP right open! 

This version featured stickers made of vintage images on metallic stars  made by K & C0. I used some music sheet tissue paper to decoupage the panels and some glossy and glittery embossed it!

My final thoughts on these were that they have a 'cool factor' and are impressive for those special daughter's grandmother, for example got one....and the other went out to a lady who's in her 70's, so there you are.....a great technique for you to try too!