Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Multi-frame Shaker Pocket

Fall Greetings!
Our lovely fall is bestowing us with all its gracious gifts:  weather ranging from crisp to warm, wind whirls of leaves, colours spreading throughout nature and of course, the thanksgiving fare for us to share!
So when I discovered Lindsey Serata's 'Pumpkin Spice' collection of stamps and dies (c/o Sizzix), I was most intrigued by her shaker pocket sets.
Now a week further, and I am the happy owner of the Multi-frame Shaker Pocket die set! And I present my first project...

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I really love how Sizzix Designer Lindsey Serata included so many die pieces in this set - even wee little confetti dies to make your own sequin/confetti shapes! As you can see I've layered my word dies and that gorgeous coppery metallic paper really pops with the black paper behind it. 
I didn't use the pocket and frames for a shaker card but rather as a gift box to which I tucked in a couple of Nescafe's coffee pouches and I will present it to someone as a small 'thinking of you' gesture. 

Look at that wee leaf, how cool! 

Well I just know that I am going to have fun with this die set, and perhaps I will get another of Lindsey's pocket die sets. 

Pumpkin Spice Multi-frame Shaker Pocket Die Set from Sizzix and Lindsey Serata 
Nescafe Sweet and Creamy Coffee Pouches 
Felt leaves/ Dollarama

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