Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey just a reminder folks, if you  see a pet at risk from car heat, please ACT to save that poor animal!

It happens that a new pet owner, or even an irresponsible pet owner leave their pets in their cars while they go shopping, eating, or other activities and their pet suffers from over-heating which can be DEADLY.

Here is what is being shared by CK Animal Rescue

Thanks for caring. 
 To every animal rescued, it means the world to them.

Canada Day Dessert - Healthy, Tasty Strawberry Ricotta Bowl

I'm sharing my favourite dessert - Ricotta Strawberry Bowl - its a little heaven in a bowl!
My daughter showed it to me as she follows Fit Girl Guide and once I tried this, I was hooked!!!
It's just the type of dessert that is filling and sweet, and yet not fattening - holy cow :)

It's perfect for a Canada Day celebration isn't it?

Here's what you do to make it, one delish bowl.

Strawberries: sliced, {fresh is best, but frozen works}
1/2 cup of Ricotta, light
a few pecans
a drizzle of honey

If you want a fancier version, check out Woman and Home's Strawberry and Ricotta Trifle

Well, this does it for my participating in Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge


Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge - Part B Banner

Welcome to Part B of my Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge!  Yay!
Please if you like this project, read and follow the links I posted at the end.


If you read my earlier post, then you will know I created a Canada Day BANNER to go along with my decor and then to take along on my picnic to dress up the picnic table....its a little thing, but a big thing too :)

First, my creative process went a little like this:..."hmmm, what else can I do with my maple leaf die that would show off its simple form? "  Ponder, ponder.....pondering, then bingo!   When in doubt, I love to turn to banners!  There is sooooo much you can do with a banner - decorate it willy, nilly,  go quick and simple, elegant, cute....what-ever you like!

So I made 3 sections rather quickly by using my Spellbinder's maple leaf die.  I used Paper Garden's Basic Red and Aura Solar White cardstock.  I cut the shapes from the white paper and layered them over red sections.  A ROSETTE is another banner staple. And to help my banner to have glitter [naturally]...I used silver glitter & glitter cardstock.

Button and Rosette

Maple Leaf silhouettes

TIP  #1 To make my own custom BAKER"S TWINE in red and white, I used plain twine and a red marker and coloured my own red sections on the twine!  

TIP #2 Break up the sizes of the banner sections. I made the 3 main ones as you see above but then varied the size and shapes of the other sections.

TIP #3 use pretty napkins and decoupage glue to create beautiful patterned banner sections

string on your sections and space evenly

TIP #4 A Banner Tab: add a strip of paper to the string with 2 holes pierced into the lower half to thread your string, then position your section onto the lower half and fold over the top half and glue down. This stays in place and doesn't slide - cool!

Add a decoration, here I used my new BUTTERFLY Punch
TIP #5 Use a pencil to help tie your string's knots, and I always add a drop of glue to really secure!

Be sure to check out my next post on a healthy dessert - yes, healthy and tasty!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge 2015 - Part A CARDS

Hello Everyone!! 
Canada is turning a glorious 148  years old - still a baby!!! And our flag as it looks now, is 50!
I hope you have decided to celebrate in your own way on July 1rst ....I'm hearing plans kicking around to do BBQ's, fireworks, getting just kicking back a bit.  If my day goes as planned, we'll picnic. And give anyone who will be working on Canada Day a nod, they deserve it! 

My dog won't know anything is different other than she has some tasty treats coming her way :)

Other ways to celebrate include:
 Paper Garden's Canada Day Card Challenge

I have taken up the challenge and decided to make 2 styles of a little fancy and one more simple!
And here they are....ta da!

#1 Fancy Canada Day Card
It's made using a variety of Paper Garden's cardstock

Aura Solar White, cover weight =  card base, white
Nesting Dies *
 Poptone Wild Cherry =  red fancy background,  San Francisco Die 
Star Dream Crystal Metallic = white center -  Basic Frame A Die 
Aura Solar White =  white leaf sprigs - Lorelai Leaf Outline Die
Star Dream Jupiter Metallic = red flower - Sophia Flower Punch 
Star Dream Crystal Metallic = white flower

I did not have a " Canada " stamp of any kind, so I thought I'd hand-write my message!  Right? An inside, I did have a good greeting to go out to my friend -  have a " great day " indeed!!!!

[* Nesting Dies are part of Sue Wilson's California Collection]

 #2 Simple "eh?" Canada Day Card

Well, I finally got to use my Spellbinder's Maple Leaf die other than for thanksgiving cards! But what really got me excited was the chance to use our colloquial phrase " eh? " as my heading, haha!!!  I mean unless you send out alot of invitations for Canada Day, its not too often you'd use this, eh?

So its really a simple, simple card....hardly needs explaining :)  
Supplies are Paper-Garden's cardstock: 
Basic Red Matte, cover weight  = card base, red
Aura Solar White, cover weight = maple leaf, white + letters................then glitter, of course ;)

How-ever......I did NOT stop here......look further to Part B as I show how I made a BANNER, and a cool and yummy healthy {gasp!} dessert for your CANADA DAY CELEBRATION - even if you celebrate alone, do it in style, lol.