Saturday, October 7, 2017

Make Mini Treat Cups for single Ferrero Roches

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
I am enjoying the beautiful weather as I hope you all are. Important to me are sneaking in relaxing coffee moments (during busy preparations...)

And speaking of cups, I turned out the most adorable project for the holiday as a Hostess gift! I will provide the YouTube link below so you can see how to make these "treat mini-cups" - they are fast and easy to make once you get a groove on!  I made a stack of the main piece and did all one stage at a time. This way you can watch more YouTube videos whilst churning out a bunch of these.

To place a Fererro Roche in each cup, I found they needed a bit of a boost so I made some paper straw (recycled paper packing) but the great thing is you can display these SO many ways! The hexagon shape just lends to creating many arrangements! 

Someone needs to make us a die of this template, Lawn Fawn you listening? 
Thanks for checking in and count your blessings, cheers! 

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