Sunday, February 9, 2014

Embossed Hearts Valentine Card

Recall my recurring theme this year is to try NEW THINGS?

I love-love-LOVE this style.. white-on-white 'embossing' with washy colourful accents "peeking out"!  It's soooo pretty!  

I am pleased to say the projects were fun to make :)  

First create a wash by dropping various ink refill colours next to one another onto a plate along with a small amount of water - *** avoid mixing the colours too much .  Have white cardstock waiting.

Next using some very simple heart foam stamps, I dipped a stamp partially into one colour and then turned the stamp and dipped another part into a second colour, and so on.  Be careful! Dipping too much may make a muddy result.

Stamp your design onto white cardstock, I stamped  an arc of hearts, masking some in the process.  The results were very rainbow-coloured indeed!


While pretty enough,  I moved onto the next stage....Clean your stamps, and re-stamp over top using Versamark Embossing Ink in an 'off-set ' manner so that the coloured hearts will "peek out".

Add  WHITE embossing powder, heat and watch the magic!

I cut my stamped hearts into a 3 x 4 mat, and together with pink and turquoise mats layered everything onto a card base and tied it all off with some pink/white baker's twine!

But it wasn't enough.

Bring in the bling!!!   I covered 'one' embossed white heart with an assortment of coloured gems, and ta da!!!  Loved it  :)

White embossing is now definitely one of my all-time favourite styles!   
Hope you all give it a try!

Alesa Baker ' LOVE ' stamp.

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