Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turn your Scraps into Playful Notes of Appreciation - Give Thanks to Those Around You!

A little idea and a need came together with fun results lately....

Musing about my loads of scraps - again - I came up with the thought that I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak!

Since I have been wanting to express my gratitude to those who I see on a regular basis - and whose jobs do  not allow them to receive tips, I thought " Great!  I can make a group of Thank You Notes - AND - in a nice, summer-y fashion! "

So hoping to brighten up someone's day, I made little notecard after notecard - and it went amazingly fast!
How so you ask?
Well...because if you, rather playfully - without pre-conceived notions - slap together your scraps onto notes of all sizes and shapes - in other words, just wing it!  You will have notecard after notecard in no time!

Stick to scraps which reflect the season too, and its just a fun exercise!  I spent two mins. tops on each one and then a bit putting on some bling.

Here is a sample of the notecards I made for my coffee friends who serve me up coffee day in, and day out!
[only one card had to be a little less "butterfly-ish" as it was for a young man!]

Anyways - THEY WERE WELL RECEIVED - little faces of surprise and pleasure from this simple gesture.

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