Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Card - #1 Sheriff in Town!

Lasso up a card for this coming FATHER'S DAY!

Hey guys and gals who need to conjure up the perfect card for that special 'DUDE' - rootin' tootin' fan of the old westerns - fan of John Wayne?  Or the new cowboys of the rodeo today?

Well - if you just want to let DAD know he's #1 - this card ought to do that!

I was thinking of how to represent the ol west when I didn't have any cowboy stamps per se, nothing western at all - zip, nada!  Then I thought that the Sheriff's Badge would be easy enough to make if you broke it down to basic parts - basically, its a circle with pointy triangles, nes pa?

So that is what I did!

1) first I cut me a circle with our 1-3/4 inch CIRCLE PUNCH.

2) make them thar pointy parts!

         To Make Triangles for the Sheriff's Star Badge

  •          cut a strip of cardstock twich as wide  than the length of your points, and about 6 inches in length
  •          score a half-way line down the center of the length
  •          then draw a series of large X's across the entire width of the cardstock - make the width of each equal to the width of your desired point - you'll see the 'points' emerge as you draw, one on top and one on the bottom half of the cardstock, with the pointed tips meeting at the center, and           alternating with the outside edge - you'll see! After, cut out those 'triangles' - make sure you           have enough for the Texas Star shape - 5 tips but it can also have 6 tips!
  •           When done cutting the triangles - score each one down its center length.
3) Map out where the points go on your star - around the circumference of the circle - I practiced, and then glued each triangle to the back of the circle.

4) Optional - but interesting to add # 1 to the newly-formed Sheriff's Badge!   I cut mine from some scrap of foil lining from a chocolate box - shiny is good!

5) Mount your star on a background of cardstock - but let's make it interestin' Dudes and Dudettes!  Choose our Vintage Embossing Folder to give it that stylized Western scroll look - they used to have these fancy-smancy designs on their rifles/guns/badges - buckles!  Even leather was embossed in them thar days!  LAYER this all on to the CARD FRONT.

6) Embellish friends!
 Add a Lasso - and you can even lasso up a touch of 'love' while yer at it!
    To Make a Lasso out of Twine
        Ok I'm a cheatin' - my lasso is in a heart shape and I threw in the word "LOVE" at the
        tail end!  On FATHER'S DAY - he deserves a 'love you' eh?  Of course!
        Gather up some twine - any twine will do, we even have some fancy-smancy type in our
        SUMMER MINI CATALOQUE with the colours of brown, or red or plain white. But 
        aw gee shucks - I didn' have any!  So basic twine it is!    
        Make a practice lasso and word, but don't cut the twine just yet - save that for last! 
        When you kinda know how it will look - grab some liquid glue like our TOMBOW GLUE
         and wind your twine into a circle at one end, and use a scrap twine to wrap around the 
         neck of the circle or " lasso" .  After, you can - optional of course - turn that lasso into 
         a bit of a heart by pushing inward at the top - just enough to form a "HEART SHAPE" - 
         dab some glue on the twine, and press it down into place on the card front.
         After that its just a matter of pressing some more glue and twine onto the card front in 
         the shape you wish - forming the letters is pretty easy I found - so go for it!  Cut end at
          where-ever your twine leaves the card. 

can you make out my word - I didn't do the best ' L ' 
but I am sure you can tell what I am expressing!
See the scores on the points?
I also inked the edges of the embossed Natural White layer - first with Daffodil Delight {yellow}, 
then with Espresso { brown }.

To make the star seem more 'Official' - I added silver brads to each point! 



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Next I will have a really fun project involving this:

hmmmm.......what could it be!!!!





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=) this is really creative and interesting! xx

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Thanks for dropping by Angel! Glad you like it !!!