Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Is Happenin' in the Craft Room this Week - a Book Cover!

Hello Crafty Friends!

I hope by now you know that this is my 'in-between' blog now - where I can show off some non-related Stampin' Up! material I am working on!  Yep, I am the lucky recipient of craft gifts as I hope you all are - and I think the general feeling is that they would like to give me something else besides SU products and so from time to time I have been oohing and aahing over punches, or chipboard albums which I adore - or fantastic stickers, papers, ...well, you name it!  My daughter also finds things for me when she is out shopping and will be a great daughter and buy them for me!  Thanks sweetie!  Plus - I still have stuff from before my days as a SU member! And finally, honestly, who can resist a good Dollar store find, lol!

All together I looked through my 'stash' and is how I found myself doing this....

First - a word to let you in on the owl daughter started to luv the owl thing awhile ago and it extends to decorations ...and jewellery.....and notebooks, etc......

...and like all well-meaning people, I started to buy 'owl' stuff for her! 
Now that continues into my own craft items - if its an owl, I automatically buy it - go figure!

Anyways, above owl is what drew my attention right away and it was actually on the reverse side 
of a 12 x 12 paper I purchased awhile ago so I don't know what collection it belongs to - sorry!

The other thing my daughter is into is "Blue with a touch of Yellow" !  Yes - its her catch phrase ' a touch of yellow' AND she really loves the soft hazy blend of the two with ivory especially if its
the laid-back coastal look of the Hamptons!

Which is why I am working on this - and its only a start....

and closer...

....see, its the cover - for a album, notebook - not sure yet! 

As I said, I started with the owl and added some borders to each side of the owl paper,...
...then I began to think of how to use the checkered blue-and-cream paper, and I came 
up with little FLAGS.  I haven't really done the flag trend much, and I was 
surprised that once I started to consider decorating them, I was hooked!  
Each flag has its own decoration - really fun!  

Then I discovered a soft pink flower I had made a long time ago that had
the exact same size DOT pattern - who knew! LOL! 
So along with a black border on the left side, and a few smaller versions 
sprinkled around, the FLOWER was added!  

Well - there will be more to do with this baby, and it will be done by her birthday in April. 
Yes, that is a long time yet - and yet, not if you know what I mean! 

Thanks for coming by!  

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