Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm Back!

Hello Blogworld!

I am back!  I intended to take a long break from crafting and blogging for several reasons: 1) to deal with important home projects and 2) to have a " creative break " which I hoped would restore life into my general view of things.  Nothing worse than growing stagnant right?

But - my beautiful dog Pepper got seriously ill in spring and died before his 11th birthday which would of been in July.  We were grateful we had time to prepare and we did a little 'bucket list' and held his birthday early.

However, it killed my enthusiasm for caring about my crafts - and - I wanted to come back to blog when I put a terrific tribute together about Pepper. That hasn't happened yet, probably because I just want more time.

Boy, its hard to lose your beloved pets. To say I miss him - well, can't actually measure that.

But in dealing with our loss, we were surprised to find that we couldn't stand the silence after about 1 month - even felt a little quilty about even thinking of another dog. But in our initial looking on the web, we found a little precious dog, Maggie. She was in a rescue foster home, and needed a forever home. So long story short - we now have Maggie!

Therefore - I just wanted to re-introduce myself back into blogging - and I WILL post a proper tribute to Pepper and introduce Maggie in time.

So on to new projects and new life!


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