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Window and Shaker Cards featuring Spellbinders and Ornaments4christmas

The following project was inspired by Jennifer McGuire's card Love Joy Peace.

It's a window card and I haven't done one of these in ages!!!  So I promptly started rummaging through the house looking for clear acetate....and couldn't find any, awww.  But for one card I created a cellophane wrap "baggie" and for the other, I used a square cut from some clear packaging I had in the recycle bin. Voila!

I decided to make a fall and a christmas card as experiments.

Both cards have a white heavy cardstock bases ( folded 8 1/2 x 5 1/2) and a panel of decorative paper cut to 2 1/8 x 5 1/2 and attached to the left half of the card front. * To extend the paper around to the back of the card, cut it at 3 1/8 x 5 1/2.  [see end photo of Fall card]. 

This causes a straight division down the front and where I " centered " my dies to cut the window.

 I decided to cut the windows after I attached the decorative panel to one half of the card front - this meant it would be twice the work for the die to cut through properly. Cutting heavy cardstock with wafer thin dies (or framelits, thinlits) meant I had to shim the dies tightly so they'd cut right through the double thickness.  You'll need to experiment with your die-cutter, dies and cardstock to find the right sandwich to prep.

I plan to make a TUTORIAL VIDEO showing how to do these cards, so stay tuned :) 

My ' fall ' card is a shaker card and I used an older Spellbinder's die set, ORCHARD HARVEST TAGS and ACCENTS SHAPEABILITIES. There are gorgeous dies in this set!  I chose the oak leaf for my design.

After cutting the die, I made my own DIY clear baggie slightly larger than the window dimensions using plain old kitchen cellophane wrap and 2-sided tape! I filled the baggie with an assortment of bugle beads, sequins and a dose of gold glitter flakes and closed it shut. Continuing I taped around the edges of the baggie and around the window as well so the "shaker bag" would lay flat against the cardstock/window.

A final piece of white cardstock was attached behind the window on the card's inside left.

I added a corner piece with my sentiment - and had my SHAKER CARD!!! :)  It's so pretty and fun!

*last detail - I extended my panel of decorative paper to fold around to the back - 
I like this extra touch at times!


I belonged to the Stamps of Life Die Hard Club where I receive a stamp and co-ordinating die set each month. September's Club set was the stamp ORNAMENTS4CHRISTMAS and ORNAMENT CLUB DIE SET. As with all of Stephanie Barnard's club releases, there is a second stamp set to co-ordinate offered later each month. This also has more dies related to this - check out their web site, The Stamps of Life.

My decorated card base was constructed the same way as my Fall card and I cut out the ornament dead-center. I cut out the ornament top doohickey in a couple of colours but decided the red popped out as a good accent shade!

This time, I used a scrap of clear acetate I scrounged from my recycling bin and some old packaging - but it was clear, clean and good to go!  I would encourage you to purchase clear acetate sheets though as it is one of those 'must have' supplies.

Once I cut the ornament, I added a strip of double-sided tape top and bottom of the window and shook white glitter all over it and made a cool accent! LOVE the cool techniques we can do!!!

I also made my own striped twine!   I cut 3 lengths of crochet yarn and unwound each length in half to thin them down. Then hold one end of the 3 lengths down {i used a paperweight} and beginning with the other ends, twist and twist till the entire length is wound up tight!  Then find the center and pinch it and the entire piece should wind up on its own like magic!  Now you have a thick triple colour twine!  Glue the ends and attach to the ornament like a bow.

I ADDED some snowflake accents {same die set} using a glitter red for the front and attaching 2 more to the inside of the card.  I stamped a greeting inside - above where the window would show.
I also tidied up the inside's left side by cutting another ornament and using the negative part to make an ornament 'frame'  - this is unnecessary but I get going if you know what I mean :)

SO - 2 cards and I believe the experiment worked!  I WILL make more window cards for my christmas this year, they are fun to make and fun to receive! 

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