Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Here is one of the items which sold out fast at the craft fair I participated in Nov 10 [see earlier post].
I was told by my friend Maria, a fab crafter in her own right, to do these but I didn't really think I needed to make that many - boy was I wrong!

The nice thing is you can put these on WINE or WATER BOTTLES, and I think on any present which they could slip on to....maybe bubble bath bottle. right? 

They are super easy to make - I used the following:

Stampin' Up! Punches
 2.5 inch Circle Punch
1. 3/4 inch Circle Punch
Holiday Stocking Punch 
Scallop Border Punch
Corner Punch or Small Circle Punch
Small Oval Punch {optional}

Cardstock in minimum of 2 colours for tag
Cardstock scraps for stockings  
Glitter Cardstock for accents  {optional}
To: and From: rubberstamps {optional}

[using cardstock of choice] 
1)  Punch a 1. 3/4 inch Circle from cardstock 
2)  Position 2.5 inch Circle Punch around the negative circle space
created from step 1, and punch. You should now have a cardstock "ring". 
This is the ring that will be at the top of the tag. 
3) Create a  rectangle from cardstock - about 3 x 5 inches. 
4)  Place the 1-3/4 Circle Punch in half-way of the top edge, punch.
5) Glue your ' RING' to the top - matching the circle inside edge to 
the newly created half-circle top edge of tag. 
Trim the cardstock from  outside the ring using a Corner Punch to create corners at top.
This helps to create the top of the tag's neck.
6) At this point, I lightly score a line across the top of the tag, on either side of the ring - just so it bends a little when draped over a bottle neck.

7) Decorate the base of your tag! 
I used the Holiday Stocking Punch from Stampin' Up! (2011 Holiday Mini) 
and created all sorts of stocking pairs - which parts I mixed up in a
pleasing fashion.  If I add a mix of glitter or shine or velvet cardstock - it really 
makes those stockings pop!
8) Trim the length of your tag if you need to, and add a nice border accent
near the bottom. I often used the Scallop Border Punch for this, but I also
used just strips of scrap cardstock.

Emboss the cardstock for the Tag base,
Sponge ink over edges, 
Sprinkle glitter over tag as accent,
Add embellishments: buttons, brads, ribbon, etc. 

8) I added two small oval tags {used Small Oval Punch} in vanilla cardstock, and stamped
To: on one oval, and From: on the other oval.  Tied them loosely together with baker's twine, and 
glued them to the back.  You can decorate the back of the tag more but its most likely not needed.

This sounds more than it really takes to make these - you can get in the swing of things and 
make several of these in a session! Get some cocoa and brownies together with friends or family and have a yummy TAG-MAKING TIME! 

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