Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hey hey crafters!

I am busy today making more projects for my part in the West Rouge Holiday Artisan Sale this coming Nov 10th.  i am really looking forward to setting up my table, bringing my lovely daughter....wish I could bring Pepper {my adorable pooch}....maybe I can sneak him in - in a large Christmas Stocking, hmmmm.....

I love christmas fairs - they are so homey and it feels great to be doing a shared event with others from your community as well as visitors from elsewhere!  

If you're looking for hand-made gifts and stocking stuffers....and holiday cards, tags....come on down SATURDAY Nov 10th!  

Location = 270 Rouge Hills Drive in the West Rouge Community Centre.
{east end before Pickering}
Directions:  drive to Port Union Road and enter through Lawrence Ave East or Island Road which both lead to Rouge Hills Drive. 

The West Rouge Community Center is in a very unique-looking building and its a really great place, so come and join us!!!

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