Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi everyone!

I am still enjoying a laid-back crafting season while focusing on my home. We moved into a new place and started re-decorating in a new style - well, blending old elements with new elements is more like it, and editing out more possessions. Terribly hard at this stage because everything still holds possibilities doesn't it - to an ol' recycler like myself!  Saturday is the rummage sale where we donated a massive amount of our belongings in July and I have been making a new pile to give them tomorrow. So tonight is all about digging through things and being tough [meanwhile I found the most amazing ceramic lamps discarded....I am going to do something awesome with them I know it!]...but we'll see how well I've done in awhile, only time will tell!

Since Christmas is on my mind.....[I know Halloween hasn't happened, but you know we really start planning with Christmas, really we do!...:)]

So to the point of this post!  I am spiraling around on the internet - as I start with one interest [christmas rubber stamps] and somehow it leads to all sorts of interesting pages on different topics!  One such deviation led to searching about wreaths.....when I found a comment about the poinsettia! More specifically about CARRIBEAN POINSETTIAS.

Turns out, we Northerners have no real idea about the potential of poinsettias since we normally seem satisfied with the potted variety and then we discard them, or you see half-hearted attempts to let them grow on....lost on a window shelf somewhere. Nothing exciting at all!

But look at this picture!  The plant can grow into a bush like this....looks like a tree to me!  Isn't it fab!
Sort of looks like a Dr. Seuss tree doesn't it?

I quess I've just clued in to what many people down South know very well - that this is an awesome plant!   Respect! Lol :)

And of course - this is typical of what we would do with it....!
 Anyways, back to my digs!


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