Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Penny Black ' Spoil Yourself Silly ' Birthday Card

Hey !  Hello.........

Its been awhile since I have wandered away from my usual Stampin' Up! projects....chalk it up to time I guess!
But I did dig around my 'other' favourite stamp sets to dream up this BIRTHDAY CARD for a relative who loves cats!

Isn't it a real cutie-pie image of the cat and her pal just  ridiculously spoiling themselves!  I think so :)

Now.... if you want to make a fun birthday card, then think of making a simple folding card - but then colour choices and embellishments will help to define your card and then the 'whole' card really delivers!

Its like knowing that a group of " simple " parts - add up to one " perfect " card which will charm your

The front image is stamped on a separate cardstock panel which is attached to extend beyond the first fold. 

Unfolded....the fun continues!  

So that is how I approached this card.....basic cardstock folded simply, added some pretty background paper,  a fun stamp set and simple colouring!  Throw in some flower embellishments, pretty yarn and some bling - and voila!

I am pretty sure the recipient will really enjoy receiving this card - she lives in one of the sunny states of the US, so the light feel of this card should fit right in on her windowsill !

Thanks for dropping by - now go and stamp!


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