Saturday, December 21, 2013

Glitter Gradiant Nails are not just for Twenty-somethings!

The festive mood was been in full swing yesterday in our household....having done a few domestic acts , oh, like decorating and baking, we woke up in a slow fuzzy sort-of-way and then within the hour were busting our butts for a full day!  First we were going out with 'the girls', awesome friends, and my daughter had to bring along her party dress to go to her staff Holiday Party, and I was doing more shopping and ending with my stopping in to a local (and very nice) bar to 'cheer-a- beer' while waiting to meet my daughter on her return around midnight!  12 hours of festivity - whew!

Sooooooo... moi wanted my outfit to reflect the festive vibe and decided to shock my daughter by doing my "own" NAIL ART!  She does it all the time and is crazy-good at it!!!  But me?  Not so good!

But beginning with the very cheap, green nail polish I had just purchased - by Pure Ice called Free Spirit - (its a perfect 'pine' green) and my sparkly Essie white nail polish, Pearl Perfection I created what my daughter has informed me is called GLITTER GRADIANT style.

And the glitter - from my own stock of course!  tiny glitter flakes in gold and a straight-up brilliant green, and some huge flakes in the same christmas-y green!  But - alas no improvising, a nice puffy white flower nail accent served up a pretty good resemblance :)    Took me 1/2 hour - not so bad :)

Anyways, I wore a nice grey and white sweater, jeans, glitter leggings [yes!] and my NAILS I WAS SO PROUD OF..........TA DA!

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I found a nail style online and pretty much copied it as best I could, I think the colouring job looks great - my nails, meh!  I will tell you a secret if you suffer from peeling nails?  Do too much dishwashing, laundry, ....sound familiar....well, Sally Hansen MIRACLE CURE - AWESOME STUFF!!!! 

I will start using it again because I didn't since I had a ton of housework [and I hate rubber gloves]...but that stuff works W-O-N-D-E-R-S in as little as 3 days!  Yeah!  Don't know much more than that, but you can have strong nails, grow them long - its perfect!  

Anyways, shock the young girls around you and toss on some nail polish in a different style especially for the holidays ladies - its super fun! 

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