Monday, December 16, 2013

DYI Templates for Cards - Hot Drink Card

Holiday Greetings!

Today I am sharing how I make templates for my card projects.


Hot Drink Christmas Card with Tree Motif Sleeve. 
Red, White, Kraft and Patterned Cardstock, Hot Drink DIY Template, Tree and Snowflake Punches. Glitter and Gems, Pop Dots.


Depending what "idea" pops into my head for a project, there will always be a gap between what I own or what I do not own to help me create my masterpiece!  I might not own a popular die or perhaps one does not exist to make what I have in mind. Right now, I do not possess one of the many hot drink dies currently available and until I do, my remedy is to make a template.

Now templates are a well-known resource - there are tons of free ones online. But I have this habit of wanting to create my own templates out of cereal boxes, lol.  Much like an old school tailor and his plethora of custom suit templates hanging from the ceiling within his reach, I have a box of templates I keep ready to bring out when I have the urge!

First, I work out a design. Simple is best. Then I draw it {maybe practice on scrap paper}.Then cut out.
Last night I carved out this beauty - carefully welding my craft knife like a wizened old pro. Here is my tip: I make all parts to be all on piece of cardboard [or rather 'cereal box' board]. This negates the possibility of losing a part, which in my messy world, is a large chance.

I keep both the positive and the negative templates - there is no big reason to do so as either set will do, just my preference. If you have paper with a printed surface design, the negative template is handy to let you see where you are tracing and cutting!

I made a copy of the cardboard "sleeve" out of regular paper and punched the trees. Through the punched out trees, I can place an x-mark to act as a guide in order to punch the trees through the real cardstock {i.e red paper} and not have them aligned lop-sided! 

So have a second look at those cereal boxes - they're a nifty resource, as is your own imagination!!!


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