Friday, July 30, 2010

Stampin' Up!'s delicious colours in Buttons!

I have some buttons to show you today!

Stampin' Up! is well-known for their co-ordination of products drawn from their Colour Families. Here have a look  - these are the 'Brights Collection" buttons.   72 buttons in fun colours!  You get shapes, sizes and colours in a snappy little container - and I love looking at them!  Its like looking at beautiful marbles - esp. all in a bunch like that, makes it hard to want to use them, lol!

But for my OPEN HOUSE coming up - I  have them on display mounted inside a frame I recyled!.

Can you believe this frame used to be a dusty rose and gold?  I chose a fun poppy red to paint it, and distressed it lightly with some sanding paper after it was dry. Then a top coat of gel medium (purchase in art section).


You can see in my previous post that I used them to spruce up a project - and my tip for today?  If you 'sew' buttons on to a project like I have - put a tiny, tiny dab of glue on the knot and even the ends where you clip the thread - to prevent fraying or coming loose.  I use a dressmakers pin and dip the tip into the glue, and then dab it on the thread's knot, and it's quite easy that way. 

Cheers - have a great week-end!

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