Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing with FLoWers and RiBBon

Having a fantastic afternoon - listening to music and making ribbon and flowers come together!

Needed a 'special' birthday card....


And so I wanted to make one flower/ribbon combo, but I really got into it - must of been the music, and so I made more......I can always do more to these cards, but we're just focusing on the flowers, right?


YOU WILL NEED:  fabric flower + ribbon + needle/thread + pattern cardstock + (1 " Circle Punch, optional) + adhesive {strong}

{CLICK on pictures for a closer view!} 

TO START:   cut some lengthes of ribbon.    Next take your fabric flower, and ....'Fold' both the ribbon and the flower - stitch the ribbon folds onto the front of the flower, spanning them out - as many as you like. I am using 3 ribbon pieces.

*TIP - you can always trim ribbon to create a 'new' ribbon - I trimmed my ribbon off of the wider striped blue/brown/white ribbon because I did not want the brown and I need a narrower strip.

It doesn't look like much now but....... will on the card....

Make your card 
...layer cardstock of choice onto your blank cardstock card base......

Add a Decorative Border

Above, I've made a strip (turquoise) and trimmed both sides with
 Stampin' Up!'s Scalloped Trim Border Punch; and layered
it with a colourful patterned cardstock.

Create a Center for the Ribbon-Flower
....I cut a  small circle from the patterned 
designer paper [see above], and layered it onto pink, then turquoise 
cardstock - cutting it out in a "wonky" style!  [look at the small circle, lower right]
No need to be neat! 

Assembling the Card
I added my flower-ribbon, and topped it with a 1 inch circle 
using STICKY STRIP tape...
... now it's lookin' better, right?


Here is the card! 
Along with the flower to the right, where I basically did the same
treatment to the fabric flower - only difference is I 
made the whole flower; and added a real button. 

Whole Flower with Ribbon and Button Close-up 

And that birthday card?  

Ta Da!   In glorious tropical colours! 

This girl is going on a cruise I think we are feeling that here, lol! 

So go ahead - experiment,  try different versions of 
this project yourself - that's the best way!

Well, back to my music! 


Oma said...

Love this card with the ribbon! What a neat idea!

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Thanks Oma!

"Sew" hope you try it yourself, lol!