Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Hi - are ya havin' fun today?

I am!  And I've decided to stay away from stampin today even though I just got in a whole lotta stuff!  But instead, I'm posting pics of our Pepper - who celebrated his birthday on Weds. We took him down to the dog park on the Beaches - bought him some treats at the pet bakery, and just spent the day being lazy.  So here he is with his new look too!

Pepper and his new gang!

See the water running under this pipe?  A little dog kept disappearing 
by going under there - then popping back up!  Pepper is like "where'd he go?"

But here is the little dog back!  Pepper is not quite used
to the water yet - seems willing, but maybe next time!

And this adorable guy kept hogging the camera! LOL!
I also love the way his ear folded back (upper right).

Nice pic for a nice day!

Honestly, I feel the cold easy - so I look like this! 

We voted this our best pic of the day!  


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