Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chipboard Wall Decor and 2 Step Bird Punch

Hi!  I'm back from time away....but recently I have been digging away in the craft studio and trying this and that.
Here is what I recently came up with....

I found some chipboard squares - about 6x6 inches. And I created these because I wanted a project for my 2 Step XL Bird Punch and these cute phrase stamps which are all quotes concerning women. Then I just went hary-kary with my supplies, and it was really what-ever fell into place!

Here's my first one in a bright yellow!  It's got a new home with our Property Manager Marilyn's office wall!

Below you can really see the smooch in gold I sprayed on the keyhole plaque.  The plaque sits on a supporting back, and for a mysterious effect - I stamped the words again so you can seem them peeking through the keyhole! 

Now here is my pink version.

Same idea - just different decorations! 

This one I used our Polka Dot Textured Impressions Folder, and rubbed white then Rose Red or Choc Chip over the raised surface (see around edges)....and I scrolled the greeting - that was fun!

Hope you try one yourself! 

See ya later!

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