Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last of Christmas 2012 CARDS and My Christmas HAUL !

Since I was either going crazy doing holiday things, or nursing my daughter who caught 3 chest colds during Fall through December, I didn't finish up my Christmas posting - so I'll do it now, why not!


Here is my assortment of " handmade " Christmas cards that I received....awesome!  The one with the snowflake is from Dee all the way from Australia!  The others are from {left to right}...Jane; Maria; Dee and Tammy.  I treasure each and every one - because its nice to receive as well as give, am I right? :)   So I do keep all my cards - there is several boxes full of them from over the years. So I've tucked these all safely away......

One word - SNOWFLAKES.  I tried to up my punch and die capability with the proverbial " snowflake ".  Its really falls into the 'must-have' list of a paper-crafter's toolbox doesn't it?  It so happened that as my demonstrator days with Stampin' Up! were active, SU had more or less limited editions of the snowflake and I wan't in love with them.
But this year, I was free to roam and Martha Stewart and other companies - Snowflakes are marvellous these days!!!  Naturally SU got a better snowflake Bigz Die {see photo above}.
But I purchased my first snowflake punch with MS, and it was the Himalayan Snowflake PUNCH - nice one!   Then I was dying to try one of her Punch ALL OVER the Page [PAOTP] and chose: Skyland which was soon followed with her PATP Snowflake Large!  

Funny thing happened....while trying for the first time with the SKYLAND punch I had a little misfortune much to the laughter of witnesses!  The 2-pc punch is square and has magnets which align it to the magnetic base. Plunks together rapidly when you insert the paper over the base and place the punch over top - and then its kinda tough to punch. So to gather power, I decided to punch it on the floor and got down on my knees on the living room wood floor and set paper and punch on the floor between my knees.

I punched and the whole thing slid backward from the pressure and smoothness of the floor ----  shot back between my knees with me still holding on because it happened so fast, AND my head went forward naturally!  SMACK my face hit the floor!  More embarassed than for the books.

Here is my total haul over Christmas 2012 Season.

lots of punches and dies....few adorable stamps

I made a steal by getting these on Boxing Day! See the Spellbinders Layered Poinsettia
top-right?  Only $7.50 CDN - heck yah! BUT I left home at
6:30 am on a freezing and still dark morning just to be at
Michaels when they opened early at 7am.....or so was my plan.
I totally unrealized the buses were on Holiday Schedule so I passed 
my first bus up - waiting for the Express, only to wait 45 mins to get 
the next 'regular' bus anyways!  Frozen toes and butt! What don't we do for crafts!!!

 Here is my assortment of Snowflakes - mostly - punches. There is that
mischief-making Skyland PAOTP punch on the right!

 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the giant stamps from STAMPENDOUS! 
So fun to colour with my new COPICS, plus I am trying new
embellishing techniques - so there is glitter and Aged Rose Distressing 
Embossing Powder { a mix of several types and sizes of emboss powders}.

 Stampin' Up Hostess Stamp - 1 of 2 with the Winter Scene
bottom-right of cover, and their larger 2 3/4 inch Scallop Circle
Punch and a couple of Fiskars Border Punches.  

 This was a bargain. $20 for a normally $50-70 set from Spellbinder's
Donna Salazar Book Pages 2.  Now I must get Book Pages 1 if it goes
for the right price!   If you want to make mini-albums, then this is one good
set plus it does all the separate elements for your other projects.

Also on sale was this Spellbinder's Anemone Flower Set. It makes an interesting
flower that has edges cut away from each petal, so you can make it 3D interestingly 
in an easy sort of way! Cool - I don't think my "FLOWER" division of punches or dies
is quite done yet!  

So that was my Christmas 'gift' to myself in a nutshell!  I tried to mix it up to include buttons 
and ribbons and other embellishments, and glues - we can't forget glue! 
Now I have to get some papers! 
Does it ever end?


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