Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back & White! Toronto is deluged with Snow!

Hello, hello and hello! 

I'm back!  And its really, really WHITE outside, ha ha...really white!

 I was MIA because I came down with some super-duper bug that knocked the beejeebies out of me for nearly all of January! It was one of those you get only once in awhile - thank God - and you can't do anything but moan 'n' groan around the home helplessly watching a multitude of things piling up...and wondering why your family can't seem to do any additional tasks [ahem]- hell! Mom is down!!  Well, that's another discussion, righ? Right.

ANYHOO, so I just spent the better part of the last week doing:
      a) catching up with business,
      b) met up with a lovely girl - Hi Kathy! - who I am grateful to say, I returned her wallet I found,       c) FINALLY getting out of my WIND Mobile account {another hallelujah!},
 and then what did I do?......

....well, went CRAFT SHOPPING - HECK YAH!!!!!!  

No kidding, eh?  After all, I sooooo deserved to!  But first things first here is some photos of what is outside our door after the SNOWFALL of FEB 08-2013!   My daughter is not home today because she had to SLEEP AT WORK! No was that bad! {well - not all that bad when you consider I had a quiet home all night, lol}..........but here is what TORONTO looks like after a snowfall that had traffic swerving, and grinding to a halt many times over!

6 PM  Feb 8/13  Snow is overtaking TO as it falls, falls everywhere!


The poor Pepper has to contend with this

NOW - we wake up to this.......
...isn't it pretty, oh glorious Sun!
But just the night before, this intersection had cars stuck...oh my! It was
like watching a sport to see if people could become unstuck, ha ha! Got
to buy those WINTER TIRES folks - pay the money! 

Our lamp.

Look to the left.....

Look down....."somebody" still needs his walk!
And that walk was for the physically fit!  My goodness, navigating the sidewalks was no easy feat!
And his Highness had to be picked up more than a couple of times and carried - phew, my Tim's coffee was good to say the least in the midst of all this.  But its February - what else can we expect?

OK ......I will move to my next post about crafting.....yeah for crafting in a winter way!  See ya soon!

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