Saturday, May 15, 2010

Make YOUR OWN Craft Ink!

Here's softness in a card!

Pretty in pink, and natural colours....and lovely satin ribbon!  This is our natural cardstock and I love how it has tiny flecks in it - and the colour itself is a combination of ivory and kraft ? - its hard to say, but it has a 'home-grown' feeling to it.

So naturally it looks great with nature themed stamping - and that's what we did.

But our real purpose was to use regular DYE  INK mixed with VERSAMARK (watercolouring) INK and in doing so, create our own CRAFT INK!!!

Get set up with your supplies, ink pads, versamark pad, a CLEANING PAD, glitter tray, clear emboss powder, heat you go:

     1) STAMP WITH A CLEAN STAMP - into your VERSAMARK and immediately into the DYE INK of your choice - then stamp!

     2) CLEAN STAMP and REPEAT IMAGE - and -  REPEAT with SECOND, AND THIRD DYE INK COLOURS + OTHER STAMPS - always with a clean stamp!   (we are multi-tasking! - but we are good at this aren't we!)

     3) EMBOSS by adding CLEAR EMBOSS POWDER - quickly (we are nimble today!) - and tap off excess, HEAT with heat gun.

     5) TIE RIBBON - under the inside and both ends to the front, and make a knot. Create nice ends to your ribbon with small sharp scissors.

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