Sunday, May 2, 2010

My National Scrapbook Day!

Hello, helloooo!

I am tired from a big day yesterday - had a lot of fun though, so it was worth it!  But it wasn't without its funny parts!

First off, I went down to the beaches because I planned on joining in on the National Scrapbook Day fun at my ol fav haunt, Scrapbooks by Design. But I like to make a day of it, so first thing I grabbed a coffee and went over to Kew Park and had my bring-a-long lunch.  Which turned out nice because a flutist was practicing and myself and the squirrels sat munching and listening to some nice lyrical music! Nice!

Then a bit of shopping. I met a lot of shopkeepers and staff - most friendly and one a little weird {yeh, nice talking to I backed out of the store, lol}. Then it turned really overcast - and this is where I should have taken my cue, and headed to the scrapbook store. But no - I decided to take a look-see at my first "Master Oyster Shucker" - which I didn't even know you could be one!  However, he was busy with an order and I only saw him do one! I was hoping that he did like a bunch really fast - or something, so on I went. But that little stop-over cost me because the rain came - and I mean, came!

I got so soaked! But I kept on going to the scrapbook store hoping it would stop - you know how sudden bursts are - but it didn't - and it just became me thinking what a bad idea this was! Ha ha - I arrived at the store so soaked - my shoes, everything. Luckily a few paper towels, and complimentary donuts and a coffee turned me back into a drier version of myself.

Then, after a quick card demo - I took a look around to gather some supplies to do some - scrapbooking, of course!  Then after paying for those, I discovered that the scraptables were full to the max!  So, guess who took over the corner by the front windows - where normally, people can sit down to relax? That's right, and all in all I was right beside the donut table - so, need I say more! Ha ha!

Keep in mind, I thought I would be near all the store's tools - and so I didn't bring anything besides scissors and glue. And a few embellishments. So I was faced with "how do you scrap with no special tools?"
Easy!  I tore my solid blue paper and made photo corners and one background layer - I drew a squiggly, loopy line around another photo onto some patterned paper with marker, cut that out - another frame!
Then simply embellished with rub-ons, and a few doo-dads!

SO HERE THEY ARE - my two scrap pages......of my dog!  My first ones of Pepper.  One happy moment was when I discovered that 4 photos were of him chewing on something, so a theme! And then I really love his grassy pictures - which helped me to pick out the fun paper.

Sorry I will replace these photos with better ones later on, my lighting wasn't good - and the flash was troublesome, but its there in 'essence'!

I had a lovely day of it - - and I sure hope you'all did too! 


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