Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower Punch Art - WT272 Album Cover

WT272 Album Cover

Yay - I finally finished my cover for my mini- album this morning!

Here it is!

Update - This is now my entry for SPLICOASTSTAMPERS May 27th's 'Ways to Use It' Challenge under "Paint " Technique! So I am required to post it as a 'WT272' project to help others find my entry! Hope they like it and you too!

I will post the basic steps in my process on how to make a cover such as this, so read below!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week-end.  


1) Make a flower with 2 sizes of  HEART PUNCHES.  Bottom layer is attached with glue to a back support (paper circle)  -  use 4 large punched Hearts for bottom layer, attach 6 small punched Hearts to create top layer (attach by applying glue to the tip area only).  Embellish center as you please - I used a small pink flower brad (shown in finished project).

Extra - I glossed over the large punched hearts with a thin layer of gloss medium - just to protect the paper more. I also 'crimped' the large hearts to add texture. 

Next, I created the cover by taking a 6x6 thick chipboard, and applying a layer of gesso and then 3 different colours of paint: purple, red and gold.  I applied them in large swatches covering the entire piece.   Then I began to cover up those bold colours with some light green, light blue, a bit of yellow, and then I mottled everything with white paint - using some packing plastic as my 'brush' - just dip into the paint and smudge or tap the paint "smooshing" some parts together and other areas left more "blobby".  LOL - hope you understand me!  Just go at it - there is no 'right way' - what-ever LOOKS GOOD TO YOU! 

I stamped a couple of images onto my finished paint job, dried them with my heat gun, then applied a layer of  Gloss Medium as a protection.  Now it can be handled and have a better measure of protection from fingerprints - and what-ever else I attach to it!!

Next I made a small cardstock layer with Whisper White cardstock which I decorated using the RUBBERBAND BRAYERING and EMBOSSING TECHNIQUE. (described in an earlier post) and I created and attached 4 photocorners.   

The embossing powder is Iridescent Ice - looks great white on white, but I chose to ink it up with colours! 

Now I want to title my cover - but for now I am beginning with an initial - F - for flowers of course!   I punched out an f letter in Only Orange cardstock, inked it with Razzleberry (IN COLOR) and coated it with CLEAR Embossing Powder. Now its more sturdy and ready to go!


I used the large heart to punch out some green cardstock, and cut those in half, rounded the edges to create a leaf or's how to punch them out and cut: 

And now its all put together with brads, extra glitter, and just those little touches we add at the end - its all very personal - you can add as little or as much as you want!  

la la lah!!!!   Isn't it fun to go from bare to something wild!! Its like being back in grade school art class, lol. 

I will come back and add more ribbon to the binder rings holding the album together, but for now, this is all. 

 I am making the various pages, and then adding my rings at the end because I do not like the process of taking things on and off - too hard! 

Bye for now!

Talk to me to take a class on making your own album! 

Supplies: Stampin' Up! 
Embossing Powder, Ink, Versamark Pad & Marker, Cardstock, Glue, HEART PUNCHES


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