Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Quiet Christmas Crafting Refuge

Hey crafters!

I am getting along with my holiday preparations with the end in sight, how about you?  My handmade cards that require mailing are done and all have been posted. So far I have designed each and every card 'on the spot' and while that means it takes that much longer, its a process I tinkering around!

Here is a couple of snapshots of my craft zone where you'll find me in the morning....

...this is my billboard where I keep some tags, a couple of cards as well as some gift cards - all of this is meant to be a sort of 'grab-n-go' spot for anyone who needs a quick gift-related item.  

Here is a display on top of my stamp bookcase.  There is my daughter's candles she made in grade 3; the 2nd-hand birdhouse I found and refinished a few years ago; the wreath is from Avon maybe 10 years ago (??) and my beloved angel statue where I've hung the little beaded bell given to me by my darling Mommy Crandall who went to heaven years ago. Finally my new candle jar from Pier 1...

.....and here are my envelopes I keep nearby my crafting bench.  The envelopes are an assortment of sizes and colours from the selection sold at Papergardens.  Some have a beautiful soft metallic finish, others have a natural feel and some are textured - but all are beautiful quality envelopes. 
You can't see but I have a few sheets of christmas seals in there [ I always need to add a little something to my envelopes too! :) ]    Next to the envies is my little jar of pretty pink glitter which I only use on "special" cards, lol.....I am actually kinda hoarding this particular glitter, its chunky and a beautiful pale pink colour, yum!

So that is what I see first thing in the morning when I tiptoe past the sleeping dog, with my first cuppa of coffee.....I have some organized mess too, but that is for another day!  LOL

Where do you craft?

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