Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday Cards using your stash!

Happy Holidays !!!  

How are you doing in your holiday count-down?  Good I hope :)

My style of creating cards evolves over a period of weeks as I prioritize according to: distance to mail and who'll we will be seeing first; along with how labour-intensive the cards are. Meanwhile there are the local community good-will cards - these are simple designs so I can crank them out as I move along and give them out leisurely.   

Each year I lovingly lay out my crafting supplies all lay waiting to make my annual DIY holiday cards - something I like to do first thing in the morning with my first coffee - before the dog wakes up, lol.  Generally I plot out a plan for designs beginning early - think August!

And it never goes to plan.

This time, while digging around in my supply closet I discovered a box of left-over bits from years ago, and I thought " Holy Hannah! I've GOT to use these supplies up! "  

So today's topic is ' Using Your Stash ' !!!  

Here's my first card made from some old card mats featuring an embossed frame.  I also brought out my older Stampin' Up! ORNAMENT PUNCH [retired] - just like ol' times!  

Here's a closer look.....

Next up are some simple tags featuring Stampin' Up!'s [retired] Stocking Punch......and the fun part, was there were a few dozen of these I had punched out....all different patterned paper.  So I gathered them up and spread them out on a table, and within minutes I had chose pairs and attached them to small mats of cardstock.  Afterwards, I took some decorative corner scissors and made rounded  tags of them - presto!  I may add some lip balms to these to turn them into the gifts I hand out to the gals at the coffee shop :)

So there they are.....and I have another project to share soon using more of my oldies-but-goodies!

Keep up the pace everyone - we'll do it, cheers!

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