Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hurray…my daughter has her degree!!!

Oh my gosh, SHE DID IT!  I am such a proud mom, I can’t stand it!  I am still pinching myself…pinch. Happy sigh * 

AWESOME CONVOCATION  DAY at Kerr Hall, Ryerson University June 14, 2013

IT was such a beautiful day – we couldn’t have asked for better! The convocation took place with interest and at a pleasing pace so the many attending plus undergraduates never felt bored and then afterward we had a very pretty gathering for refreshments on the lawns outside complete with white tents. The doting families including us stood outdoors with the beaming graduates in pretty royal blue gowns with a few black gowns dotted amongst us – the Masters graduates.  It was simply lovely day for everyone.

Its always been limited seating {always is} for ceremonies with students throughout their education. We had the allowed 2 tickets per student which meant myself and only one of my daughter’s Grandmothers could be there. This grandmother was married to the only Grandfather my daughter had known, and he supported her throughout her education, so it was fitting she was there.


It is possible to watch the service online as her best friend did, so we’ll be able to share the experience this way and through the photos we took!  I lugged our awesome camera around – but that baby weighs just under a ton around – lucky for me I was using a walker and I had to appreciate that it came in handy for our coats, bags and camera, lol.  But our expensive and I’m guessing complex Nikon camera  has a mechanism that takes a few seconds before it will snap the shot.  So in the time the camera was whirring away setting up, she managed to cross the stage and my photo was a blur – aaarrgh!  I DID get a nice shot as she came back to her seat holding her degree! So I’m still a happy mom.

Last blimp – her photo is missing from the booklet given out to all students. Oh no!!!  Oh yes, sigh. So we’ll have to see what can be done. Just had to be one significant blooper. I don’t know who is responsible for university graduating student photo lists – but you’d think some heavy cross-referencing would be going on to make sure EVERYONE was represented!!  Excuse me for being ticked, but c’mon! The all-important PHOTO ???


My daughter took an extra year and extra courses to complete her Bachelor of Commerce Hospitality and Tourism Management degree, so it has been challenging in that she held two part-time jobs at one point while studying full-time.  She encountered challenges of all kinds – just like real life, and made it through!  So for that I am especially proud of her. I always spoke to her from day 1 of her life as if University were a natural extension of education, and others have supported her in their special ways, and we’re thankful for them.

Her grandmpther presented her with a special ring that her Grandfather chose while he was still amongst us along with some other precious mementos, and I have some plans to celebrate with her some more including a lovely token of my own. She deserves it. :)

Thank YOU Daughter – you make us all PROUD!  

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