Monday, June 10, 2013

Farewell to our Minister Card

As we close the doors on our church next Sunday, many of us will bid each other a sentimental good-bye. Farewell cards for several key figures in our church were needed, and I opted to help with the one for our minister, Rev. Ellen Redcliffe. 
From experience, I reckoned that the card should have multiple pages to accommodate the many signatures of the congregation, and this one has: a front, a sentiment page, a photo page and then 6 pages for signatures - hope that does it!
Here then are several photos of many but not all the features of this card
{tempted to call it a booklet!} 
All in all, there is 20 man-hours into this project - a good portion of that is making decisions!
 Hope you can tell that I put my heart into this one - enjoy!

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