Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Cake Stand Centerpiece

Happy Easter!

I'm happy today because its Easter {closer and closer to "patio" weather - yeah!} and another chance to relax with no cares or worries for the day, but a chance to bond with family and friends. We already had a nice surprise with friends bringing us a Easter basket of homemade cupcakes - how sweet of them!  Thanks to the Moores - Mom Mary, Emily, Bridget and Margaret!  The girls {the guys we barely see, lol} are terrif!

But I didn't do too much this year for decorating but I DID manage a centerpiece!

You can turn those CAKE STANDS into great centerpieces - and actually, the Moores gave me this cake stand many years ago for my b-day!

Here is how I made it:
I simply arrange some faux leaf brances entwined with straw grass around the plate. In the center I placed a small twig basket.

Next I arranged my ceramic BUNNIES. I put a small can in the center of the twig basket [weighed down with marbles] and placed a small 4 inch doily on the top of the can's lid. I place some double-sided tape to the bottom of one Bunny and stuck it to the doily/can.

The second Bunny I sat on the plate along with another small pretty lilac basket.

Sprinkled easter eggs all around the plate, a few twigs of faux flowers and a few butterflies!

All together, not even 30 minutes and voila!

I like it - its nature-inspired!  I hope to have more ideas ready for next Easter like this....I HOPE YOU DO enjoy a centerpiece of your own, Happy Easter!

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