Sunday, February 20, 2011

Storage - Storing Cards

I am blogging today about storage because "obsessed me" finds the need to constantly organize.  A bit of irony is that I never feel I am 'quite there'!  But every once in awhile I do find some clever manner to organize a particular thing and it makes me so darn happy!

Now, who hasn't - within half a year of crafting - discover they need to think better about storage, hmmm?  Show your hands 'cuz I know that no matter how clever we start out, something accumulates past its boundaries that you had planned for it!!!  It spills out and leaves you with that nagging feeling until you start to look about for a new plan - you're not to be outwitted by it!

Now boot past that point, ... a few years down the crafty road to craft heaven - you've got a whole system up! Good for you! You may have even beaten may have a 'modular' system that you can add to for the rest of your life....or at least until the stores stop carrying it, which has just happened to me - wha-wha-wha!!!

But still....honestly, it never ends!

However - I have found little bits of glorious victory over the years!  So I thought I'd start to share tid-bits, little glints of  storage jewels!  And today, I am focusing on cards - I've got em by the bucketfuls!  I hang on to them because as a demo, I have had to create them time and time again - and honestly, I just don't have that many relatives or friends, lol!

this is no secret, so here are a few to consider...

Practical Options

Today I found this - DATA STORAGE BOX WITH 100 SLEEVES -  its untried as far as I know, but the dimensions have me thinking - good! Plus - it comes with its own "sleeves"!!!  I'm thinking  ' fantastic!'   The cover looks good enough - sleek black, but you can fuss it up yourself too......Its from UNIVENTURE - a company that has some other interesting bits we could steal for ourselves...but this is the link, HERE. where its being sold.

Here is what I also have that is unbearably practical - my RUBBERMAID PHOTO STORAGE BOXES!  I love them because: 1) they stack beautifully 2) I love the pop-off lid - works well!  3) they are clear  4) durable - so I can pop them into a trunk and go to a craft fair with no worries.....and my fav reason 5) they have removable, DIVIDERS that help my cards AND 3-D projects - to stay up!   6) can store more than cards - roomy because they have height and length! 7) I like the narrow dimensions with the length for storing in my closets!!!   

see how that divider works - I store my cards with it, then the excess room I put my little boxes, or multiple folding cards, etc. there - works great! 

I found mine locally for $5 on sale - but I believe they are more like $9.99 (why can't they just say $10?)

Want Fashion instead?......

For the fashion conscious or where you'd love some glorious colour.....have you SEEN the stuff from a company called SEMIKOLON - they are gorgeous!  The "Pierre Belvedere" line, yummy! I def'ly want some - just have to find the right place, I know Organize.Com has some of their line, but they have an extensive line - so 'CO-ORDINATING ME' could be very happy!  

For their full line-up, here is a link to their cataloque, HERE - but you'll have to trip around the net to find your own source!  

Another blogger, Stacy at her blog INKSPOTWORKSPOTBLOG  just loves them too - you will like her photo tour of fantastic and colourful objects she has found, go have a look! 

Personally, I found some great fabric boxes at Chapters that were like the above - and I was smart and bought them all on sale - now they are gone, so alas, when you see something - you may have to grab it right away!

Well I am off to walk my fav pooch - and go have my other fav activity - coffee!  
If you have an idea for storage - let's share!
xx Beverly

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