Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valentine's Banner

Here is the reveal of my Sneek Peek!

I have to say the pictures do not really give the true colours very well, my camera "reads" the green background too much and so I did my best - just bear in mind, it looks prettier in person!

But here it labour of LOVE literally this past few weeks!  I did it in bits and bobs because it was just one of those projects that require your thinking beyond the norm, I usually do cards, LO's - but this was more of a collaborative - evolving - process.  I may have over-embellished, but that tends to be my style - you could do this much more simplier!

Used the TOP NOTE DIE by Sizzix and sold by STAMPIN' UP! - as I am sure many of you recoginze.  The only other thing I can say perhaps, is that the middle piece (which serves to separate the two words, Love, You) has a heart shaped frame that is made of 2 SCALLOP FRAME die pieces - also SU! dies.

Here it is in full length on my living room wall - sorry, this is a dreadful pic in terms of colour, see how the camera  reads my green walls too much - and I had to tone it down. Sorry! Maybe I need a few lessons!

But hopefully, you can see how it takes up a certain amount of space, so it could be used for an anniversary, welcome back, congratulations, new baby, birthday...all sorts of occasions, and look substantial!

It could be draped across the front of a banquet table - over a door - fireplace, lots of places!

Here is the two sections...



 ...Here is the TOP NOTE DIE CUT (red) I used for all the letters. 
Then I layered a background paper (striped pink/vanilla) and topped it with 
The a few of them I added extra 'embellishments' like the embossed medallion and the accordian folded circle with a small glittery paper heart.  


you must "KNOT" them into place.  Otherwise, they slide on the string. 
I made holes in each frame, and strung the string once through the hole - then through a bead - then back through the hole, and tightened.  That creates a "stop" .  You could make a knot if you want to like I did on the heart piece, but I found it wasn't necessary. 
I also drew a small line on a scrap of paper, and used that to measure the spaces between each and every
piece, so there was some consistency.  It is a little tedious - do this on a good day, or have a few breaks like I did. Otherwise you might go "knotty"  :)

To add VISUAL INTEREST I added a metal HEART I found at the Dollar Store between each of 
the frames,  its a cool embellishment I thought - for a dollar! Yess-um!

....the middle section...the scallop frames (see white one is the scallop frame) and take 2 of them
to create a background to the  floating piece in front!  Who knew!

There was a lot of folding going on - lol - and I am not the best at it!  But I love the look the accordian folds give to an embellishment!   I used up lots of scrap papers too - another bonus ...and fun because its like 'pickin' through your stash boxes' to see what will work with what - and that, is what craftin' is like!


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