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Rubberstamping Basic Equipment

Hi!  I am a truly dedicated crafter and teach classes, workshops and home parties in rubberstamping!  If you are NEW to this fascinating hobby {and/or business opportunity for those who want it},
... then read on!

Contact Me if you have any questions - I am only too happy to help you get started!


You'll find a range of inks: Dye-Pigment, Craft and Specialty Inks. 
Water based Dye-Pigment Ink dries super quick after stamping, allowing you to move on to the next stage of your card project. If you want to emboss a part or all of your stamping, you need the longer-drying Craft Inks. 
 Each Ink brand has a range of colours -  choose 2 colours to start and 1 Neutral colour 
which does not 'bleed' when being coloured {markers and colouring pens}.  Add to your colour range as time and your budget permits.
Clear Acrylic/ Stamps or Rubber Stamps? 
Clear ACRYLIC stamps are flexible and allow you to "see"  where you stamp. Most require a CLEAR MOUNT ACRYLIC BLOCK* to mount the clear stamp 'onto' and you proceed to stamp.  The clear stamp due to its sticky, filmy quality should "cling" to a plastic clear block's surface and when you are finished,  you merely peel it off and replace it with another stamp to continue stamping!  (*some stamps have a stiff plastic mount attached acting as a 'handle)

RUBBER stamps traditionally come "mounted or un-mounted". Ones 'mounted' to a WOOD BLOCK,  are still a popular choice for many!  An absolute must - purchase only deeply-etched rubber stamps. This creates clean, crisp images and prevents smudging in the stamping process.

Myself, I like the "look" of a collection of them - but  storage of thick wood blocks make many choose to un-mount their rubber stamps from the wood block and attach a sticky backing like "Cling Mount" which allows them to act like clear acrylic stamps. Rubber stamps can also be purchase 'un-mounted' with the Cling Mount or similar brand already attached (or purchase it separately). And like clear acrylic stamps, stored* in much narrower plastic containers similar to DVD cases.* there are many storage options. 
Cardstock needs to be archivally safe - meaning at least "acid-free" paper and a 'buffer' added to ward off any acid source from leaking into your paper (do not store paper in wood containers- or come in contact with newspaper) Convenient size for card-making is 8-1/2 x 11 inch and scrapbooking is mostly 12 x 12 inch cardstock.  Cardstock quality is determined by weight/thickness, colour (intensity & fastness), and decorative qualities (flocked designs, embossed, specialty papers).  Experiment on cheaper paper, but give on your best to impress!
Scissors, Paper Trimmers, Punches, Hobby Knife
A quality bone folder feels good in your hand, and is smooth so it helps you to press fold lines. Much like a quick 'iron' of your paper - you will eliminate any wrinkles that may result in your fold. Looks good and its also a good tool for the application of 'rub-ons' or stickers. 
Used for sponging ink colours onto cardstock or blending colours together. 
Start with acid-free glue in your choice of glue adhesive runner tape, dots or squares, sticks, and glue pens are great for tiny work (esp adding glitter or embossing powder in tight spots!)
** Try to avoid 'water-based' glues as they will warp or bubble your paper!
For projects that require true strength to hold {boxes, two parts, etc]  - use STICKY STRIP - this comes in a couple of widths and in sheet format. Used sparingly, but it will hold your project together no matter what! 
Just keep a space in your home for stamping and keep it clean. Preferably a mat surface helps with clean up as well as protecting your paper!


Comes in many colours - basics could be clear, metallic (gold, silver) and neutrals (white, black). Shiny or matte.
You must have the right stuff to stamp onto the cardstock for the embossing powders to stick to!
Use "craft ink" - it remains liquid  longer than regular water-based dye pigment inks- and so there is time for the powder to adhere to the still damp, stamped image. Also specific ink for this purpose such as the VERSAMARK brand ink. 
I am a bling girl - I can't imagine life without bling, read on...
Comes in all sizes (chips are noticeably large or ground up teeny-tiny), shapes and colours. More expensive German Glass Glitter - but a little goes a long way! Also comes in different methods like Glitter Glue (be careful, water content can WARP your paper)
Go crazy! All beautiful kinds of ribbon!
Embellishments are the crowning glory - and add interest. Not necessary but most things in life aren't!
Buttons, rub-ons, chipboard decorations, brads, flowers, flowersoft, fake snow, etc. 

LAST THING.....Rubberstamping is a "process" not any one thing.  You can go in many directions, just look around to see all the great, wonderful, beautiful or wacky creations that people are enjoying making all around the globe!  Men too are discovering this, so here's the thing....don't fret that you do not have something - yet!  Don't fret it if you take part in a 'project' and you don't have everything - improvise or ask to borrow from another stamper!  After time passes, and a consistent approach to purchasing equipment and supplies - you will have more and more ability to create.

I advise that you purchase the following 
as soon as it's possible.....
 1.  A pair of co-ordinating hand-held Punches -  a circle and a slightly larger scallop circle make sense (could easily be a square and a scalloped square) - but one has to be larger by a size! 
2.   Hole Punch and Small Mat - a great tool for adding a design merely by punching a series of holes but also great for punching holes for the purpose of adding embellishments like brads!

...and these Next Items - you can easily look them up! 
A)Crop-a-Dile/ Crop-a-Dile II the Big bite
C) Scor-It All Board
D) Punches, Punches and Punches!
E) Large Mat
F) Storage System - for everything! 
G) I-Top Brad-Making Tool
H)a cool Stapler tool
I) Light Box or Embossing Systems
J) LetterPress

Tool I Can't Do Without
The BIG SHOT and my Sizzix Dies!

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