Thursday, June 17, 2010

Make a Card Kit for a Student, Beginner Level.

Hi to all you stampers and crafters!

I am feeling perkier!  Still have to take it easy but I did clean up my awfully messy craft table!  Gosh - what a process that is!  Don't you wish the Crafting Clean-Up Fairies (or Elves - equal opportunist here!) would come in the night and do it for us?

Well - I did have a fire lit up underneath me to do something for  a nice person, as I only had 1 opportunity to see them before Father's Day.  And to show my appreciation to this person, I decided to do it in a round about way and help their son make his own Father's Day card!

So a card kit was born!

I threw the supplies all together, and I took the liberty of doing one or two steps for them. They will assemble everything - and I left it so they have some 'choices' in the final design.

I created a word document to outline instructions, and printed it off and tucked it in with everything.  Here's is how it looked - the separate elements are there including: a card base, two layers for the card front, and several accent pieces including the greeting, and lastly the instructions.

Here is my suggested version - which I included in a illustration I made in the instructions.  But they can do as they wish - maybe put the greeting on the inside?  

Because this is for a young person, I personally coloured the image as it was a bit complicated to do without the right tools - and I was unsure as to what they had.  But there is plenty for them to do to assemble this card - and sign it with a few words, a poem, or add a picture inside......lots of ideas!

Last thing - I embossed a plain envelope with the same design.  I put this all together into a clear cellophane bag and dropped in a fresh glue stick.  So its going to transform into a one-of-a-kind  Father's Day Card that any young person would be happy to give their Dad!   I have found from experience, that young people really appreciate getting some help and LOVE to give their parents a gift, and without costing them money - and the parent(s) are especially THRILLED to find a little appreciation without the need to help the young person themselves.  So its a win-win!

If you have some supplies to make a CARD KIT - why not do it and share with someone who may have nothing in this craft at their disposal.  You'll all appreciate it in some small measure. 


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