Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Birthday hunny!  Whooo-hooo!  Another grand year ahead - and you've your whole life in front of you in which to have all your fabulous plans! Well, hope you had a lovely time - even though you had your last final exam on a Saturday which was also your birthday, lol - - and training for your new job for 5 hours the night before!!! Now relax - enjoy! oxox

 I can't believe it but my daughter has turned 22! Yikes where does the time go! I could say a million things about our life together but I won't in the interest of time and blogging, lol! Suffice to say that I am just happy to have a healthy, 22 yr old adult child - oh my, that sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it! Ha ha

Well, what I can say for sure is look how CUTE my card is standing among the giants beside it on the tv!

Honestly, this card was a bit tricky to make for the first time, but its so stinkin' cute, I wanna make more! 
I found the inspiration on the good ol' internet - and its using the TOP NOTE die and my BIG SHOT - but the trick is to just bite off the 'sides' of your folded cardstock! 

I will take some photos of how and insert them later on - because its hard to explain. But I think you can see the outline of the body and then across the head - is the same, right? Well, that's the TOP NOTE die, but just the 'edge' of the die - and you have to insert the die and paper sideways through the rollers so there is enough room because the cardstock is, for the most part, off to the side,of the die. Make sense - probably not, lol! But once you get it - no prob!

I made a half dozen 'temps before I got it right, and you could make a template, and then just hand-cut it too! 

Next, I made two creases 1/4 inch on either side of the center fold of the new shape, for the OWL to stand up......and not happy with just that, I made the STAND.  Just a length of paper folded at 2 spots, about 1 inch apart.  Here is the side view...

And then I rolled up a 'coupon ' for a free breakfast and stuck it inside the owl. My daughter thought it was his 'branch' ....which is a good idea, and I am going to play around with that idea on the next one! Thanks hun - two heads, better than one! 

Anyways, I presented it to her with her gift first thing in the morning, and we went off to the resturant for a 'birthday breakfast' which was inspired by the fact, that I wanted her to have a good, hearty breakfast before that stinkin' final exam! LOL - honestly, an exam on your birthday, on a Sat. Eh?

BUT - there's always a but, I had a SURPRISE PARTY for her on Sunday - aha! I made cake and we had a nice relaxing time, except for the one girl who still had one more exam to go. 


We'd better get started on some GRADUATION CARDS next!!!! 

Happy Birthday.
24-04-1988 - my best day of all time! 
Love MOM


Susan.... said...

Hi Bev !
Its Susan ( saramar ) from the CB forum, how you doing ?
Happy birthday to your darling daughter for last saturday, keeping my fingers crossed that she pass's her exam !
My daughter( 22) is also sitting one this afternoon, just sent her off,' Accountancy,' 3 and half hours worth !!!..
Love the card you made her, very special and l love owls, so its just perfect..l bet she loved it too...l think you have done a great job !
Hope life is treating you well ! don´t forget about us over on the forum ! Sending you a hug !
Susan x

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Hey ol friend! Nice you dropped by - yes, I know I must come by the forum, been too long!

Thanks for your kind comments, and good luck to your daughter as well!! Hope she aces it :)