Friday, April 30, 2010

Alter an Alphabet Letter for a New Look!


Ever think you may not have exactly what you want in your stash?  Well - maybe you do but you don't realize it!
I will show you how to 'alter' a pre-finished Alphabet Letter - watch as it goes from plain fuzzy yellow to crazy, treasure glitter!

OK - this morning while having coffee, I looked around to see what I want to work on in my craft studio.....when I spot this book, a project that is a work-in-progress. You may have seen my earlier post when I altered a children's book into is the cover:

It's covered with new paper, but its bare - it needs embellishing!
I figured a good place to start was to add an alphabet chipboard letter as my beginning point - and later I can progress from there. 
But a quick look tells me that I do not have any letters slightly resembling my book!
Time to do some altering!!!

I go to my supply cupboard and bring out my chipboard alphabet box, some glitter and gems.
See the yellow and blue chipboard alphabet letters in the baggies - yup, I am going to alter one of those!

Oh - a quick note - its best if you have 2 sizes of glitter as the finer glitter will "fill in" the gaps left by the larger glitter. Don't forget your glittering tray!  Alright!

Now let's roll!

First cover your chipboard [or even paper] with a liguid glue and sprinkle liberally with the largest glitter. Press and tap off the excess ...
Now, switch to the finer glitter, and shake it all over your letter. 
Gently shake your letter to allow the glitter to fall into the cracks, and see if the edges are coated.
 You can always come back when everything is dry, add glue to bare spots, and repeat. 

Now its time to add more depth, and interest to your letter. I am doing this with gems. 
So I use a pointed object like a push pin, and scrap away an area that is slightly smaller than the gem I wish to add, and add a small dab of glue, then push my gem into the spot and press it down.

This should allow your gem to snuggle in the surrounding glitter. A lot of the time, my glue squished up and out the sides of the gem - so I sprinkled more fine glitter over it - voila!

Repeat, adding gems till you are satisfied with your design. 

Its hard to photo the larger clear opalescent gems I've used, or the smaller coloured ones - but they are there! 

And finished, here is how it looks on my book, with a lil' bit of ribbon!
Later on, I will be adding a ton more stuff, but its good for a quick craft project this morning :)

So there you go - you can easily transform one object into something else!  You could paint them, glue fabric on them - pretty much anything!
So if you even spot some alphabets or something - really cheap - and they may not be what you want exactly, just remember - you can ALTER them!  
Have fun! 



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