Monday, January 7, 2013

Pacific Coast Trail Wedding Card for Julia and Brian

Hello, hello!

Special hello to Julia and Brian, Cassandra and Alex, 'Carol with an e' and Jody,  - hi guys and gals.

Its a very wintery day - there's a ton of snow just on my patio alone - definitely a snowboots kinda day!
So what better way to show off this card I made because its a) wedding card and what better theme to combat the winter  and b) its inspired by the Pacific Coast Trail which I am pretty sure looks just grand and a beautiful contrast to our drab view!

Of course, its main inspiration is the blessed union of two special young souls, Julia and Brian!!

Julia I have known for a long time as our families were once neighbours on a lovely tree-lined street.  And our children became childhood friends!  Together with her lively sister Cassandra, and my daughterAlex, they played in the trees, on the grass and at the zoo...until those activities transformed into meeting ' for lunch' as they have all grown up on us.  I keep in touch with their very exuberant mother Carole although a little less these days as they all live up north from us - a wee bit more than a little drive. Carole and her husband Jody whom I unfortunately haven't seen in a dog's age, retired and left our city a good while ago now, and we were unable to travel well....but hopefully we will change all that soon! We're a comin' up there soon guys!

One thing is for sure, this family is jestfully healthy and have a passion for adventures! The parents have inspired the children, they have traveled often together and both daughters have some awesome adventures of their own!

Brian - Julia's hubby, I have yet to meet - although I feel I know a little of him from Julia and Brian's blog about their honeymoon trip - hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. I'll have to check first if I can link their travel blog - so stay tuned!
YES, these two intrepid souls tackled the grand PCT and even acquired their trail names - bestowed upon them by other hikers as tradition requires!  So envious I am - what an awesome thing to do!!!  More envious is that they got to stay at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon!!!  I and my daughter WILL go to the lodge, not saying we'll do the trail though, lol! Unless we can do it a smidgen of it on horseback???

SO - their wedding card - came into being after thinking long and hard, then realizing their trip should be my starting point. Voila!!

After that it was a matter of looking at pictures of the trail and finding one I could replicate in some way. The internet is awesome for this - I spend a lot of time looking in 'images' rather than the 'search' mode as you can find almost anything you desire by seeing what others have posted.

I chose a pic and decided I could piece together torn bits of paper to resemble the image of the mountains, sky and water.  After that it was only a matter of choosing papers - some of which are patterned while others plain. Doing the tree's in the distance was a little "choppy" - a pun for the manner where I nipped and tucked my scissors along a strip of cardstock chopping out tree shapes, well sort of tree shapes - you can see what I mean! But adding texture is a must and this technique does that well. Crumbled paper can be pressed into rocky plateaus - uneven thin strips become distant islands - and so on!

So hopefully you've reached this part of this post, because its all I have to say and the rest is for looking at!

And happy trails, Julia and Brian.

Nearly finished.... I've used embossing, inking {sponging,ragging,distressing and layering}
to tearing and fussy-cutting techniques. The designer papers were awesome {I think} as even
some of the tiniest words and phrases were true to spirit....

....last details of background and adornment! 

The card and custom envelope. 

The back of envelope and its special closure which is reminiscent
of olden days! Perhaps next one I should do a wax seal?
[sorry about difference in tone of photo as it changes with my 
photo editing]

Inside of card - I thought this selection from my designer paper 
was really symbolic of Julia and Brian, two lovebirds. I love the feel of this 
particular cardstock as the colours are neutral and treated with 
shimmering accents. I added the stamp 'Cherish' which is from 
the same set as the envelope's 'Joy' and a poem from a man named Mark Slaughter 
[although maybe I should of left out his last name for a wedding card poem, lol]

The poem reads:
I think I'll journey out some day to wondrous lands afar,
Or even chart a journey to a distant blazing star.
But rest assured that when my journey begs to take its cue,
Always know, that when I go, this journey takes you too.

Now isn't that a nice embodiment of love in words? I thought so.And I 
really loved the sense it brings that two people could embark 
on wonderful adventures together! 

And there's Julia and Brian soaring over everything ! 

I hope Julia and Brian get to go back to the PCT soon, all the best you two!


Crafters - if anyone wishes to know more about
crafting a card and/or envelope such as I created here - just leave a 
comment and I can expand on it for you! 


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