Monday, July 6, 2009

Scraps of fun....and a RAK.

Late (again) last night I was twiddlin' around with my stamps, pastels, markers...just had everything spilled all over the table basically. And I went to play with the large mum stamp and tried stamping it in markers, then added some pastels to it....and then felt like trying to make it into a snail! LOL! Just silly really....but that's the point! So here is my first try - what a hoot - hardly looks like a snail....I need to look one up I guess, but oh well.

Then I goofed around and made my friend Maggie a little something extra to pop in her card - this little piece where I combined the stamps together. She will probably do something fun with it on a tag or something. I'm sending along a bunch of punched butterflies in her card as well. For those who may be new - that's called a RAK or 'random act of kindness' ....when you send a friend or another member on a forum, etc. some craft bits.


Queenie said...

Hellooooo Beverly...woohooo was lovely to hear from you,mum says HI right back at you.
When i popped on my blog it was lovely surprise to see you had stopped on by...wowwowwow your makes are as gorgeous as ever,wish i could goof around like you..luv the snail!!!
I am off to Ikea today to buy storage for my stash cause i now have a shed in the garden all for me!!!!
Alexs surprise for my big 40 birthday,lol..hmmm maybe he needs the peace,lol.
Will pop back to see you soon in the meantime
big hugs and kisses

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Helloooooo back - LOL! Nice surprise! AND sounds like a super surprise for your birthday, lucky girl! Must be nice and peaceful - I'll swing by to see if you've posted pics soon! And to see your lovely makes! And mom's too!! :)

Hugs and kisses!