Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful Shaving Foam Tags!

I really am having a great deal of fun with shaving foam - almost cracked a rib laughing when I told a friend I bumped into that I was giving a class on shaving foam and she sort of paused and said "what kinda of class ARE you giving that involves shaving foam!?" ....and that's when I realized for the first time how it sounds when you say it that way - - and I was "NO! not like what you're thinking! Or whatever you're thinking!! ha ha!" {she's a nurse - so } - -well, anyways we both had a good laugh.

But here is some of my first results with it - I've made some lovely tags! See the background is the paper that has been marble-ized with the shaving foam and inks? Then I used some Stampin' Up Big Shot Dies {one has a flower which was cut in paper and tissue}, and some cut out pieces from various stamps to make 'chic' tags!
It's pleasant to sit and craft with bits and bobs - like decorating a safety pin with beads {pull it apart, bead it, re-shape it } and I carefully sewed on the buttons and wound the thread nicely - nothing too difficult.
So la te dah! You may come and try your hand at this fun technique - last class this month is June 27th.


Becki and Alan said...

Oh wow - these look gorgeous, Beverly! I keep meaning to try this technique but so far haven't got round to it. I really MUST HAVE A GO!

I can just imagine your friend's face when you said what you were doing the class on - isn't it funny what we come to take for granted? I had this once when one of my (non-crafting) friends thought that a stamping workshop was some sort of line dancing! Made me giggle for ages...



Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Ha ha - that's funny too! :)