Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last Pic of Mystery Stamp Set - #4 Guess What Stampin' Up! Stamp This Is?

Update - sad to say, no one entered for the prize - therefore, no one to give to! 

Here is the last one of the game!

If you see the previous 3 entries (can look under Prize under Labels)....and guess what holiday stamp or stamp set the bitty picture is hinting at, then the first person to correctly guess and notify me with their answer is the winner!  You will win a free class on Dec 6 or 8th (same class) you must be able to attend the class in order to play. Them's the rules!

In this pic slice, I am only interested in knowing which of the stamps did the design in the background, not the greeting itself...unless you want to tell me both!

Gooooooooo-d Luck!

Winner announced Nov 29th!

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